Any suggestions on how to get an 8 month old to bed quietly? We co-sleep and want to change this habit. The problem is, if we put my daughter in her crib, she screams non-stop. We tried the Ferberizing method but she doesn't mind screaming for an hour or more. Now that she is getting older, she is standing up in her crib and throwing herself around sometimes even hitting her head on the rails. I don't mind co-sleeping but she keeps trying to jump off the 3 foot high bed. We bought rails for our bed but she seems to just want to crawl over them. So any ideas on what I can do?


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Amanda - posted on 04/16/2009




just keep working on the ferber method. it is probably harder on you than it is on her. she will stop crying when she realizes that you will not give in. you are the parent not her.

This could take a long time, she may scream for 3 hours every day for a week or more but keep at it. It is ok to stad in the door way of her room and tell her that its bed time and you will see her in the morning but do not pick her up. If you are worried about her hitting her head on the rails than consider padding the sides of the crib, not with bumper pads cause they can use them as a step to climb out, wrap fabric around the bars and find a way to secure it or put her to sleep in a mesh sided play pen.

eventually she will give up and realize that her crib is her bed and thats where she belongs.

Joy - posted on 04/16/2009




My little girl was used to sleeping in our room and us getting up whenever she fussed. We finally put her in her room around 8 months and she would scream for hours.

I started her on a schedule and things slowly got better. She would get fed, have bath time and then a bottle when I laid her down. The heavy stomach seemed to help her sleep better and stay asleep through the night. I also used and still use Johnson's or Baby Magic's Sleepy Time body/hair wash and lotion. When she would wake up and was inconsolable at night I would put some extra lotion on her face and it really helped!

Now that she is used to the schedule and she knows that Mommy and Daddy aren't coming in to rock her to sleep she has adjusted and sleeps through the night.

I would really suggest reading the book Babywise. I was so desperate with mine and that book has changed everything. She is so easy now.

Connie - posted on 04/16/2009




I had the same problem with my daughter getting her to sleep in her crib. I had to rock her to sleep for a hour in her room to get her to sleep.She was a very light sleeper and would wake through out the night....I  did what I could to make her sleep in her own bed ....she needed to learn to self sooth. I am glad that I did beacuse now she is 5 years old and when it is bed time she walks to her room gets in the bed we give hugs and kisses and gose right to sleep. We really worked on bed time issues for a wile but it is important the the child can self sooth and go to sleep on his or her own, so you and daddy can have your time.

Tracy - posted on 04/16/2009




I put my little girl on a mattress on the floor as well and it worked for me. because she was next to my bed she was happy because she knew in the morninig i would pick up and put her in bed with myself and her dad for snuggles.

Emma - posted on 04/16/2009




my daughter slept with us, i put her in a bed at 12 mnts, might be easier on a matress on the floor if she's not walking, so she can't fall. she wouldn't be able to hurt herself on her cot then, hope that helps a bit.

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