Any thought or ideas on dealing with a yr old ADHD diagnosed child?

Maya - posted on 07/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son was recently diagnosed with having ADHD. I always just assumed he was just an overly active busy little boy. So I think back to all the times he has gotten in to trouble and think it wasn't really his fault. Just looking for stories tips or anything to help this go smoothly for me.. Thanks Maya H


Alisha - posted on 07/14/2012




Hello my son was also diagnosed with adhd this passed year. He is 6. We always noticed he was high energy but when he entered school and I started getting calls home everyday and he was getting into trouble we knew something was not right. He is a very sweet and sensitive boy and I could tell he wasn't doing all of the things just because he wanted too. He actually gets very upset and has cried about how he can't control his impulses. It's tough because the school is really not well educated on this disorder and so many people think that it's not a real disorder. I have told some people of his diagnoses and they say Oh yeah, every boy has that. It is very frustrating!!! I live with him and see him struggle with it everyday!! We have not found the right answers for what helps him. We have cut red dyes in foods and processed food as much as possible. I have heard it can be hereditary and I think my husband most likely has it. My brother was diagnosed with it as a kid. There are classes in some communities and in some schools that help with it. We frequent his doctor and have seen a therapist.

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