Any tips on getting my 3 year old to brush his teeth?


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Kelly-Marié - posted on 09/10/2009




What I did with my son and my twins now is giving them the toothbrush while their having their bath in the evening to just play with it and get used to it. Don't force the situation. If he lets you hold the toothbrush you can pretend to make train noises and pull your face at him to get his attention off of you brushing his teeth. But this is a very long process especially if they resist, just keep going with this eventually he will give in. And what helped with my twins was a very flashy toothbrush, they did not like the battery operated ones. Try and get his favourite caracter and be careful to not use the colgate kids toothpast I found with my twins they said that it burns or maybe is just too strong. I am using the Aquafresh for kids it tastes nice and also the Barney one tastes nice. Good luck.

Jennifer - posted on 09/09/2009




Have you tried getting him his own cool tooth paste and a kids spinney battery operated tooth brush? Then show him pictures of what happens to his teeth if he doesn't brush. And tell him if he doesn't brush then little sugar bugs will attack. Scare tactics I find this works well w/ my children. My daughter brushes her own Morning and night (under my supervision). I put her brush and paste where she can reach and she is so worried about the sugar bugs that she gets really upset if she forgets before we leave the house. The kids battery brushes are great because they are a lot more thorough.

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