Anybody have kids that got the croup. my son gets the croup everytime the weather changes.

Amber - posted on 09/14/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




my son gets the croup everytime the weather changes. he is 2 1/2 yrs old. i have a breathing machine for him because he will get weezie and i give him treatments. and i already have a cool mist vaporizer and thats on mostly all the time. im just wondering if it's allergies or something else. anybody have any advice.....


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Hayleybaker2468 - posted on 03/13/2014




When wi as a kid I got croup all the time until it got really bad so I had to go hospital and they said to sit in a steamy bathroom every night

Jamie - posted on 09/15/2009




Oh yes honey mine do too. I used to get it like that everytime the waether changed too when I was a kid. Use a STEAM humidifier (just be careful and use common sense), put the vaporizer stuff in it, keep it clean, use vicks baby rub, limit milk, give pedialyte, use Johnson bath vapor soap and give lots of lovin'. Keep a check and make sure it doesn't get into his chest or it could turn into bronchitis or pnuemonia.

Cynthia - posted on 09/15/2009




My son has only had it once. My parent's came for a visit father's day weekend and he woke up with it sunday morning. He also has asthma and has a nebulizer. Our dr told us to give him the adult dosage of albuterol every 3 hours, instead of a child's dose every 4. We ran the shower to make steam and sat in the bathroom with him, but mostly just held him until it passed.I've heard that lavender oil added in a vaporizer or cold air humidifier help.I've also heard that it helps if it's cold at night, to bundle them up and hod them outside for a little while. I don't know why that helps, but I've hear that from alot of people. I haven't tried it , because when Jacob had it it was like 70 degrees. Good luck! I will be thinking of you! I know that it's scary and very stressfull on mommy too !

Tanya - posted on 09/14/2009




so i have a set of twins and they always got the croup. My Doctor said to put on and cool air humidifier it works like a charm! have you ever heard that if you take your baby out for some fresh air it clears up a bit. they also found out last year that the old home rem-many of having a pot of water on helps keep the croup and other kinds of colds away is true. It works i have almost 4 years of practicing it.

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My daughter just had croup at 4 months and we were given steroids to help strengthen her lungs, I also invested in a vaporiser for her room to help get rid of the dryness in the air.

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Yes my son just got croup for the first time. He's 11 months. He does suffer from allergies. Dr recommended steroid treatment (i.e give him a few days dose whenever he suffers from the barky cough) which is not our preferred option. Am keen to read the replies to find out more.

Ta x

Kym - posted on 09/14/2009




my 4 year old son gets it a lot and the doctor has advised me that nothing really works to get rid of it. It usually passes is a few days and to let it run its course. the only thing I give my son is some panadol to help with his troat for the really barking cough

Shannon - posted on 09/14/2009




The nurses at the hospital said its something in the air, and some people are more suseptable to it than others. My daughter also gets weezie a lot i think hers is allergies or sinus problems most of the time, I know medicine is scary but you could try getting some non perscription allergy/sinus meds and just see if it helps. If not you have it on hand for the cold months to come. Some say not to use on kids younger than six, like tylenol and motron i was told a teaspoon would be fine and it works great for us. Of course you should check with his doctor if you havent they may recommend a certain one or a perscription

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