Anyone else get preeclampsia during their pregnancy?

Samantha - posted on 04/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I was diagnosed with preeclampsia when i was 35 weeks pregnant and my doctor immediately sent me to the hospital to induce my labor. it was absolutely horrible. has anyone else gone through the same?


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Samantha - posted on 04/28/2009




When they induced my labor it took 3 days before i delivered. it was sooo horrible. My blood pressure was off the charts so all my machines would beep like crazy and the doctors would rush in and try new medicines cause what they were giving me didnt work. I kept asking for a c-section because i literally couldnt take anymore of the all different medications i was on, but they kept pushing for a natural labor. When my daughter was born, she was 5 weeks premature and had to stay in the NICU for a week with a feeding tube and she wasnt able to breath on her own since her lungs werent all the way developed. I didnt even get to see her when she was born, they said, 'say bye to your baby' and rushed her out and then i wasnt allowed to go in the nicu to see her because i was on too many meds and IVs. it was like 2 days before i even saw her. And while i was in the hospital having my labor induced, i swelled even more than i already was because of the preeclampsia, like 15 pounds more in just a matter of days. I didnt have any stretch marks at all when i went to the hospital that day but by the time i left my body was completely covered in them! i mean bad. like on my lower back and my sides and all of my legs, front and back all the way down to my calves. Its absolutely horrifying!! I didnt even notice i had them until i went to get dressed to leave when i was discharged because the whole time i was there i wasnt allowed to get out of bed. i can never wear shorts or a bathing suit or anything like that ever again...its so depressing. Ive seen 2 cosmetic surgeons so far who have both said that they have never seen stretch marks that bad before and that they couldnt help me. That was even more crushing..... and my husband wants more kids, but im too scared. If you get preeclampsia in your first pregnancy, you have a high chance of getting it again, and i dont think i could handle my body being more destroyed than it already is.

Ashley - posted on 04/28/2009




i didnt get it til my 39th wk and had to be induced right away. everything was absolutely horrible for me.i almost had to have a c-section, but didnt. it was altogether a bad experience and my son ended up having to spend 2 months in hospital due to severe bacterial meningitis in his brain. i am currently pregnant and really really hoping everything goes well this time around!

Mandi - posted on 04/28/2009




I had something similar but worse. I was 38 weeks and wad diagnosed as having HELLP syndrome. HELLP syndrome is an extreme form of preeclampsia. It causes your organs to shut down and causes you extreme pain. My liver and kidneys were starting to malfuntion and shut down. I was immediatly taken to the OR for an emergency C-section. After the delivery, I was taken to a secluded room in Labor and Delivery and put on magnisium for 24 hours to prevent me from having siezures. The Drs told me that if I had not been in the hospital and had the C-section when I had, I would have likely had a stroke and possibly lost the baby and myself. Not to mention if I had made it, I would have had perm liver damage. Good news is I made it and have a beautiful healthy daughter. Bad news is no more children. I was told they would have had to take the baby even if I had only been 25 weeks along. Otherwise, the risks are too great for both the mother and baby. The only cure for HELLP syndrome is delivery.

Sarah - posted on 04/28/2009




Hi there. I too was diagnosed with preeclamsia when i was pregnant. I was quite far through before i started showing the signs - 38 weeks. I too was induced and it was awful, the first time they did it the labour did not prgress but i had terrible pains in my back. The second time i had the same pains, they eventually began to wear off but then my waters broke and i went straight into active labour, my contractions were all over the place, it was awful. I ended up having a c section as Rachael got stuck. I was kept in hospital for another week with high blood pressure. So i know how horrible it is, it almost put me off having a second, however seven months down the track and i feel that i could have another they are worth it:)

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