anyone else with a 'difficult' child?

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At the risk of getting a barrage of insult from all the controlled and perfect mothers, I'll still ask this question! I'm curious anyway..

My 2yr old has been quite difficult from about 17mths, when she started asserting herself. In between then and now we have had a baby boy, which I think has only made it worse in some ways.
A lot of times no matter what I do I am met with opposition with this girl.

I'm hopeful that a lot of it is just the age she's at. Gee is it ever frustrating, especially with a baby to take care of.


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DeAnna - posted on 04/11/2009




my son will be 2 in august. he is a very happy boy until he hears the words no. he then tries to hit us, throw things, and even points back saying no. he defies everything every day. i get frustrated as well and i try to be patient. but he won't sit for time outs, if i put him in his bed for one he screams and cries louder and louder with each passing moment. at times i am at a loss for words and ideas to help him get thru the stubborness.

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Thanks girls. Nice to feel I'm not alone.

My girl has a very dominant personality and is very loud. She knows how to use that to get away with things when the baby is sleeping!

Amanda - posted on 04/11/2009




My son has had a tough time with his brother being here. He turned 4 april 1st and we had our second son in october of last year and our older one loves his brother and makes him laugh and stuff, but is so rough with him and is so jealous of mommy and daddy being with him. We take our older one to the movies without his brother and my husband always takes him outside without the baby, on a daily basis weather permitting and we also go to our gym 5 days a week where there is a indoor pool and my husband and I both join him and leave the little one in the nursery and he still acts this jealous. I just hope he adjusts soon. So, I def feel your pain. lol

Amie - posted on 04/11/2009




It is frustrating and having a new baby brother around is probably making it worse. My own were like this all last week when we brought home our 4th. But then they are used to having siblings around so it didn't take them long to adjust.
Our toddler (she turns 2 next month) actually took it better than we thought. She was hesitant and got to know her new little sister from about 2 feet away for the first 2 days. lol! Our problems are with our oldest now. She feels pushed to the side and like we expect her to help with everything. Have talked to her about it and we both have spent some one on one time with her and it's getting better. (She's 8 1/2) Our son (4 1/2) was the only one that took everything in stride. No fuss at all he was very excited. lol.
Part of it is the terrible two's too. Though I dunno why anyone calls it that... three was much worse for mine and a lot of mom's I know. LOL.

Niki - posted on 04/11/2009




My daughter just had her first birthday last month and it seems as though she is already learning how to defy me. I direct a daycare center and she goes to work with me. We dont have children her age at the center so she plays with older children. I think that in part might have something to do with it because i think she feels like she is older than she is. She is such a sweet and funny little girl, but some days it seems like it is her mission in life to do exactly the opposite of what im asking her to do. Please dont feel bad, i think that we all go through this. No child or parent is perfect and sometimes i think it just takes time to find out way with our children.

Christine - posted on 04/11/2009




mine is only 5 months old and he's very needy most of the time. he cries almost all the time sometimes because he's just wanting to be held. we make sure he's played with and interacted with differently everyday, but when it's naptime, or if we have to set him down when he's not ready, we hear about 15-20 minutes of crying until he tires himself out.

Angela - posted on 04/11/2009




hi i have the same prob mygirl is 2 1/2 she has been so naughty from around the same time as urs and yes i agree with u that when u have a baby it makes it worse my boy is 3mnths and since i have had him she just doesnt listen at all lol must be the age

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