Anyone have a child who doesnt listen to you? My 4yr old son wont listen to a word i say unless he gets something.

Zoe - posted on 11/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, im a single mum of a 4yr old, im 23 and yes i live with my mum. She helps out occasionally but my son wont listen when he's told to do something.


Sarah - posted on 11/16/2012




You are training him to not listen.

When you ask him to do something make sure you are by him, down at his level, and he is looking at you. If he does not listen then you give 1 the same manner (same level, by him, and making sure he is looking at you). If after that warning he continues to not listen then you put him in time out for 4 mins........time outs are done away from toys, tv, people, and anything that can become a toy. If he gets up from that time out before the 4 mins are up you put him back WITHOUT SAYING A WORD and time starts over. You DON'T talk to him while he is in time out NO MATTER what he says. When time out is done you state why he was in time out....make it short and simple. Then you have him do what you wanted him to do before time out.

At first you may have A LOT of fits and tantrums. You may have to put him back in the time out spot many times before he sits for the whole 4 mins. Right now he is the one that is in control and he is going to fight when that control is being taken away, BUT if you stay with it and be consistant things will change.

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