Anyone know where I can buy Puppies?

Amanda - posted on 11/12/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I'm trying to buy a puppy for my little girl a little before christmas her b-day is dec 22 and she wants a puppy just don't know where to go for a good price I live in maryland please suggest any ideas or places or sell me a puppy!:)

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Jessica - posted on 11/13/2009




I have shih tzu puppies due any day now but they won't be ready to travel until probably right after xmas

Chrystal - posted on 11/13/2009




I work at a shelter and I'll tell you the best dogs are there..P/S dont know how old your child is but a puppy probably isn't a good idea they are as much work if not more than children they also like to bite and nipp children get frightened by this and a lot of animals wind up at shelters b/c people mistake this for aggression most times a nice 1-2 yr old dog is still young enough with a long life in front of them but is also out of that horrible puppy stage.

Maria - posted on 11/13/2009




...shelter...they are all in need or loving homes

do not buy from stores unless they are from a shelter because those puppies are coming from puppy mills.

i also have a yorkie that i cannot take care of - live in california....

Amber - posted on 11/13/2009




I agree with Amanda your local animal shelter, rescue or humane society. You can even get purebred puppies just look now. I have 2 dogs one from a humane society and the other from a rescue. Go to

Amanda - posted on 11/13/2009




You should check out a local animal shelter they have lots off dogs that need good homes. We got our dog from a shelter when she was just 8 weeks old her litter had been abandoned on the side of the road. She is a great dog and the kids love her and her adoption fee was only 54 dollars!

Mandy - posted on 11/12/2009




Well I live in North Carolina, and my little girl wanted a puppy to..Anyway we have a Bargain Trader that sells vechiles,puppies,and etc.,basically anything you want. I assume there is nutting around there like that..So the best thing I can tell you, is the internet,l but make sure they have their papers..Also, check newspapers, but thats all I've got..Sorry but GOOD LUCK!!

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