Anyone know why my 15 month old woke up randomly limping?

Ashley - posted on 11/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son woke up thursday with a limp out of nowhere. It only bothers him in the we took him to the er and they called it synovitus. said to keep him on ibuprofin for 3 days. When saturday came around he was worse and refused to walk. the first couple hours he was awake. we took him back to the er and they said the x ray and labs came back good and reffered me to a specialist. does anyone know what this could be?


April - posted on 11/23/2012




I am not a doctor but it sounds like something serious is going on and you will need to keep at the doctors for answers. they will put it off until you put up a stink.

On the other hand it could be the way he sleeps? Muscles can be sore or spasm, I'm sure it has happened to you before. But to happen two days in a row...?

Second opinion, maybe three or four

Hope you get some answers good luck!!!!

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