Apparently Men are as Dumb as Old Dogs??

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I just left a group for Mother with Marriage Problems. I was tired of discussion after discussion where the Woman was blamed for one reason or another for her Husband's actions. This goes out to everyone regardless of whether you're married, in a long term relationship, or just got together with a guy who is pushing your buttons. I'm putting it in point form so I don't rant too much:

-"He won't change so don't waste your time" This one reminds me of "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks" What this states is that my Husband is as dumb as an elderly dog. If an elderly dog starts peeing on the floor you put it down. What is the solution to my Husband who still doesn't check the seat after peeing?

-"You knew what you were getting when you married him." YES I was marrying a 25 year old. He is now 30 and a Father of a 1 1/2yr old and acts like he's 25. So what you're saying is I shouldn't have married him until AFTER I had my Son because Men's mental development stops after marriage!

-You vowed to "Honour and Obey Him" NO I am not Ol' School Christian or Christian at all. If that came up in our ceremony I would have laughed my way back down the aisle and called the whole thing off.

-You vowed "In Sickness and In Health" YES but does addiction count? If you Husband becomes a hardcore drunk, drug user, or pornography addict do you stand by him? What about those people who do the "Christian" thing and don't live together before marriage? How would they know about the 3 boxes of porn in the closet? When you come home and find your child's possesions pawned for a fix do you brush it off? How much do you put yourself and your children through before you ditch him for your sake?

-"What have you done for him lately?" I HATE THAT ONE! Most Women who post are upset that their Husband's don't help with chores, raising the kids, or go out to do anything. What do we do for them? We clean, raise their kids, and make up excuses why they have missed yet another social event. I don't see why I should make my Husband a 5 course meal to make him feel good enough about himself to take out the garbage.

-"You Husband has a right to see his children" MAYBE. If he isn't a threat. If I think I were sending my children to see a drunk, drugged out, psyco then no he doesn't have the right to see his children. If he says horrible things trying to turn them against me, or they don't like going then no he doesn't have a right to see his children.

So there is my little rant. Not all of these things I've experienced myself in my marriage but I've read them in other Mom's posts. I'm sure a lot of you have heard these same things, maybe even other far out ones! If so please share so I can come up with an appropriate come back :)


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Kylie - posted on 07/31/2009




WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY!!!??? feel like watching Eddie Murphy Raw now

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Laugh on Loureen it isn't meant as too serious. That's why I left that group before I started taking this stuff too seriously :D

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