Are your children close in age? What was pregnancy/early days like with baby and toddler?

Jess - posted on 07/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi :)
I have a 3 month old baby girl and I'm thinking of trying for bub #2 next year.

I'd love to hear from Mums that have had 2 babies close together. What we're the early days like being pregnant and having a baby? then having a baby and toddler?

I can imagine its tough, but I just love the thought of having my babies close in age..



Denikka - posted on 07/11/2013




My first two are 22 months apart. And then there's 30 months between my daughter and my newborn boy.
It definitely comes with its difficulties. My son (oldest) stopped napping shortly after my daughter was born, and I would have to say that was about the biggest difficulty for me. It did get tough closer to the end of my pregnancy, but I was lucky enough to still be fairly active, and I had the help of some of my family.
I will say that the biggest jump you can make is from a single child to having 2. It's the biggest difference. Once you have multiples, it becomes a lot easier.
I loved having my kids close together. Yes, I did have double the diapers, but I figured that it was a temporary sacrifice and then I'd get the diapers over and done with completely that much sooner. My kids will be going to school together (and my daughter will always have at least one brother in school with her). I love having all 3 of my kids close in age (less than 5 years between my first and third) They're very close to each other and even though the older two fight at times, they're also the first one there if something is wrong. My daughter will actually go to her brother at times, instead of coming to me or dad, when she's gotten hurt or scared, and she's usually the first one to notice when my newborn (a week old) is up from his nap or starting to grumble when he's wet or hungry. My daughter's a freakin NINJA lil mommy :P

There's 5 years between me and my sister and it seems like a HUGE gap. It might as well be 10 or 15 years between us. Even with just 5 years, there's a major disconnect. We're from 2 different worlds entirely.

Spacing between kids is such a personal thing. Some prefer to have them as close together as possible, others prefer to wait a while. Sometimes a long while. It depends on so many factors in your own life. Talk to your partner and figure out what's right for you guys. And when it's time, it'll either happen on its own, regardless of what you do :P or it will just feel right :)


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Mary - posted on 07/10/2013




My oldest was 22 months when baby arrived. Let me tell you, so far is not really bad. While I was pregnant I feel I missed things and even felt left out! I couldn't get on the floor to play, or run around in the playground with her, and I was just soooo tired, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. I just made sure the few things I could still handle not to stop doing them. I couldn't bathe her really good but I was sure to put her pijamas on, give her her bedtime milk and kiss, and just be there for her. When baby was born she was afraid in the hospital. It broke my heart she didn't want to get close to me, but when I was discharged and got home she gave me a hug so tight she hurt me!(c-section delivery). Right now my baby is 4months old and my oldest baby 2 years old and I just make sure they both have me for a little while, even 5 minutes a day no interruptions. So far is easy because the baby gets carried around everywhere, doesn't really have a say where to go or what to do. I guess the "fun" will begin once she's walking and start demanding things and.or places, lol
My oldest is great with the baby, she helps me around and I've catched her a couple of times trying to comfort her so she doesn;t cry, which is sooo cute by the way. But like I said it's not really bad at all. They do cry at the same times sometimes( by cry I mean screaming to the top of their lungs for no apparent reason) and sometimes they "take turns" in doing so. Not a day goes by I regret having them close, and I do work full time so I do get tired really tired at the end of the day, but still find time for my husband, for myself, which I chose if I spen it on grooming or just resting, I do watch movies, regular movies not only dora the explorer, I can take loooong showers, and pretty much have a "normal life"

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