Ask a Question!Im really struggling with weaning my daughter. I didnt want to rush weaning her so i started slowly at about 5 months. The problem is ive been giving her the Heinz packet foods that you just add water to. They do alsorts like yogurts, breakfast foods such as porridge and dinners like chicken and veg, there's quite a wide variety. They were really great at firs but now she wont eat anything other then them. I can get her to eat bananas and yogurts but other then that she wont eat any home cooked food. Does anyone have any suggestions or recepies. Please help.


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Felicity - posted on 04/18/2009




My daughter is exactly the same and I started at 5mths so that she was used to different foods slowly. I am not a great cook and my partner is so fussy and i don't want Lily to be the same as I'll eat anything and feel my partner misses out. Meal times are a nightmare!!!
Ive got a book that I follow Annabel Karmels: New complete baby and toddler meal planner, it is brilliant and so easy to use with a huge variety of meals and ideas. I swear by it!
I have started mushing up banana in Lily's porriage, or adding a yogurt to one of her snacks and dipping apple into it so she gets used to holding her food though this is very messy but good as she is teething and can nore on it. Lily loves broccolli, ham and cheesy dinners which is a recipe in that book. A definite must have xxx flick

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I would add bits of friut to the yoghurts and breakfast foods. I do this with my sons porridge.

It takes a child to eats something 10 times before they make up their mind if they like a certain food or not.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/17/2009




my year old son is really really picky. they go through phases. when he was 6 months he would eat everything and then he wouldnt eat anything he would ONLY nurse for a few months and now he will eat (i still nurse him a few times a day) but i have to really try everything. he will live off toast and then cheese and then yogurt. I find the best thing is to give him a little tray full of everything and let him have fun picking. I put a piece of banana, a piece of pear, some chick peas, a peice of toast cut up with cream cheese on one, butter on one and peanut butter on one, some peas, chunks of chicken and just let him pick through it with his hands and get messy! let him have fun and learn that food is about exploring. My son stopped eating cause he didnt want to be fed. Yours will learn to try new things if he's let to do it on his own. good luck!!!

Sara - posted on 04/17/2009




My kids are a little older (8 & 10). My son, the 10 year, has always been super picky! He literally just started eating meat. I know it's different with toddlers but I always make my kids try atleast one bite of everything on thier plate. When they were younger I would taste the baby food and act like it was the best thing I ever tasted. This seemed to work well. Also, make mealtime fun and always include something you know your child loves to eat.

Jessica - posted on 04/17/2009




My 19 month old is a really finicky eater, she won't eat hardly anything. What I've learned through all my little monsters is that they do things when they are good and ready. Feed her what you can but never stop trying to add foods because one day she'll be ready to try something new and you definitely don't want to miss that opportunity.

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