At what age did your baby start holding their own bottle?

Leanne - posted on 04/06/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




At what age did your baby start holding their own bottle ? What did you do to help them learn this skill?

Thanks :)

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Kayla - posted on 09/28/2013




When you hold the baby put your baby's hands on it to and you just put your hands on top of theirs. It's a little awkward at first until you find a good position to make it work. Good luck!

Randell - posted on 09/24/2013




my ped told me i need to start pushing it.. and i feel like it shouldnt matter my lo is 6 months and hes my last for sure! so if he wants to be a baby and wants me to hold his bottle can i keep holding it ?

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Jennifer - I was like that too...who cares if they can't hold a bottle when they can hold a cup i really don't think bottle holding is a milestone at all and my health nurse and paed certainly weren't concern that he was holding a cup and not a bottle although glass bottles are heavy and are quite messy and dangerous when they hit tiles

Jenni - posted on 04/07/2011




My daughter is 11 months and still doesn't hold it!! But that's because she knows she doesn't have to. ;)

She does know how to drink independently from a cup. So I'm not going to concern myself with 'teaching' her to hold a bottle. I plan on tossing them out between 12-15 months anyhow.

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marshall was lazy he could hold a cup before a bottle...but i guess i always held it for him. he probably could do it a lot younger but i didnt realise til he was about 12 months but by that time he had been holding his own cup from 6 months...mind you we have glass bottles and tiles sooo i really didn't want him holding and dropping them

Rachel - posted on 04/07/2011




i didnt want to force my daughter to hold her own bottle as i enjoyed that bonding time ... as i was unable to breast feed when she started to grab and hit my hands away to do it herself i let her .. she was about 7 months .... my sisters daughter on the other hand did it at 4 months as she forced her to hold it :(

April - posted on 04/06/2011




My daughter held her bottle herself at 5 months. I didn't teach her she just grabbing the bottle off of me so i let her be LOL

My son is doing the same but he's almost 8 months now, he doesn't like holding it for long so i have to take over.

Babies usually just do it whenever their ready but you can help them along by letting them hold it for themselves sometimes, one day your child will just snatch it out of your hands LOL

Elfrieda - posted on 04/06/2011




My son was about 5 months old. I didn't try to teach him, he just would see it coming and would grab at it. I started introducing the bottle at 4 months, and I put one of his hands on the bottle so he knew about holding it, and one day he just started doing it. For a long while he needed help getting the last of the milk out, because he didn't have the strength or coordination to tip it up far enough. People commented that this was early, though. He's my first, so I don't have anything to compare it to.

Michele - posted on 04/06/2011




My daughter is 8months & she started holding her own bottle at about 6 1/2. I started putting her hands around it & letting it go. She got aggravated with me & 1 day when i was holding it she snatched it out my hand & she's been holding it on her own ever since.

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