at wits end, help!!! daughter refuses to go to bed!

Elizabeth - posted on 08/20/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 yr old daughter starts school on Monday (the 25th). She absolutely refuses to go to bed. For weeks I've been fighting her in attempts to get her to sleep at a decent hour. Instead I fight a 2-4+ hour battle every night. Screaming, crying, kicking, yelling, pinching, running all over the house, beating on our bedroom door hard enough to shake the things on the walls.....we've tried many methods without any luck. The neighbors I know must be hearing it and I can only imagine what they think. I can't send her to school having not slept the night before but I'm out of ideas at this point.


Sarah - posted on 08/21/2014




What time are you trying to get her to bed? Does she do naps during the day? What time is she getting up in the morning? If you are changing the normal routine then it is going to take some time of adjusting. If she is getting up later then what her school time will be then she will most likely not want to go to bed as early as you are wanting her to.
It is also going to take her body time to adjust to the new schedule. If she is use to going to bed later she may not be tired at the time you are wanting her to go to bed now. Our bodies develop a natural clock to our has a sense of when we wake. when we eat, and when we sleep. Adjusting that takes time and sometimes a period of time of transition. For the first couple of weeks you may need to send your daughter to school tired, but as she adjusts to the new schedule she will start to go to bed earlier and be rested in the morning.

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