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My 4 year old has a bad attitude. i have tryed almost everything to calm him down but he thows things and has a fit. idk wut to do.


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Let's look at the problems of a child named Randy. An endearing five-year-old boy with an engaging smile, he has a history of tempestuous behavior that has followed him since infancy. He is bright, articulate, a fast learner - and as unpredictable as a tornado. From the time he cut his first tooth, he began biting - often drawing blood. At one and a half years old, Randy was dismissed from pre-school for aggressive behavior. He consistently scores high marks for academics, but has a string of "needs improvement" comments in all areas of behavior. He is loving, cuddling, wanting to be held one minute, screaming and raging with veins bulging from his neck the next.
Randy's parents are exasperated. They have attended many a parenting class, read a plethora of books, and tried every means of discipline suggested by family, friends, teachers and doctors.

Some say, "Randy is just all boy. He will grow out of it." Others suggest, "Randy has attention deficit disorder. Ask your doctor for Ritalin." A few point their fingers at the parents: "You need to take a firm hand with Randy. A good spanking is what that boy needs."

Many whisper, "Can you believe that boy Randy? I would never allow a child of mine to behave like that."

A study conducted by the Papoloses indicated that more than 80% of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder come from families with a history of mood disorders and/or alcoholism on both sides of the family. Randy's mother has struggled with depression most of her life. His father has bipolar disorder. In other words, Randy is a prime candidate for a mood disorder, and eventually he was diagnosed with bipolar.

Very Common Symptoms of Childhood Bipolar Disorder

Separation anxiety
Rages & explosive temper tantrums (lasting up to several hours)
Marked irritability
Oppositional behavior
Frequent mood swings
Restlessness/ fidgetiness
Silliness, goofiness, giddiness
Racing thoughts
Aggressive behavior
Carbohydrate cravings
Risk-taking behaviors
Depressed mood
Low self-esteem
Difficulty getting up in the morning
Social anxiety
Oversensitivity to emotional or environmental triggers
Common Symptoms of Childhood Bipolar Disorder
Bed-wetting (especially in boys)
Night terrors
Rapid or pressured speech
Obsessional behavior
Excessive daydreaming
Compulsive behavior
Motor & vocal tics
Learning disabilities
Poor short-term memory
Lack of organization
Fascination with gore or morbid topics
Manipulative behavior

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