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Katarina - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I lost my cup of coffee and spent about 2 minutes looked for it, only to find my husband sitting on the couch laughing at me. It was in my hand the entire time! Not impressed

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Melissa - posted on 09/30/2012




When my daughter was a few weeks old my sister and I went shopping. The cashier was commenting on my baby and when she asked me her name I froze. My sister had to answer for me. I must of been really tired.

Amanda - posted on 04/18/2010




I had something happen to me. My son was about two months old and not sleeping at all. We shared a room at the time so it wasn't like I could let him cry, also cause he would drink an 8oz bottle each time, big eater but skinny as every. Anyways one morning after having no sleep and getting up at 6, I went into the living room to sit and wake up, have some quite time. I heard him cry and went in thinking he was awake. I walked into the bathroom the first time, then I did make it to our room but he wasn't awake or crying. So went and made a pot of coffee then went and sat down to wait for the coffee. I heard him crying again so I went in wasn't awake. I thought I was mad! Went and poured a cup of coffee sat down and took a sip. I spit it out fast cause apparently I grabbed soup mix that my mom had put into a container. I made hot soup with the coffee pot. So it tasted like chicken soup with a touch of coffee. So i put it down the drain and I heard him cry again, well thought it was him. I went in wasn't awake. So went into the living room and sat down looked at the tv and it turned out I was watching that birth day show and was hearing the baby on tv cry. Ok isn't the end. I feel asleep on the couch and was woken up by him crying. Well lets see on the way I walked into the wall twice by tripping on my pj pants, when I made it into the room tripped hit my head on the crib and he was not awake. This time I was picking up another monitor. I heard the mom go in pick up her kid and put her back to sleep, then I could hear her and husband having a little fun over the monitor. So I went into the room with the other one and said I can hear you, to see if they could and sure enough I heard someone say who was that. I told them that I was picking up their monitor. Well we all laughed, then I put the monitor down went in the kitchen to get something to drink. Opened it up and their was a the coffee. I guess when I took out the creamer I put the coffee in.

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LMAO thats made me laugh so much thanks for that:-)i am the same i was so bad on my first who's five years now.I was at my sisters house and my little girl was just over a mth old and i said i would make the tea so she could hold the baby..well the next time i saw her she was like 'aww you must be so tired'and i was like 'yea'lol she said 'you put the sugar in the fridge and the milk in the press' lol.

Its crazy the way your mind goes after having a baby the sleep deprivation differently has an affect.

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