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I just read that during teething a baby shouldn't get a fever because fevers are a sign of infection. Well, my 8 month old daughter, Isabella, recently got sick just around the time her 2 bottom teeth came in. The fever was really sudden and she's had it all night. So if fevers aren't a sign of teething, what could it possibly be? I don't want to go to the hospital because she doesn't have diarrhea nor is she vomitting. She just really wants to be next to me and whines if I put her down...


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My doctor has always said that, but I don't believe it. Anytime you have inflamation you could have a fever, thats what I feel. My kids always had fevers when cutting teeth. I don't believe everything they say b/c they also say that teething shouldn't hurt, and I think thats a bunch of crap too. Go with your gut, if the fever only last while she is cutting a tooth and is low grade, then I'd say that it's from cutting a tooth, but if it persistant over a few days and higher than 102 I'd take her to the doc, maybe she has an ear infection or something. Just my opinion I am not a doctor by any means, just a mom who can read her children pretty well, as I am sure you can too. Good luck

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