baby girl hates bottle :(

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Hello young moms, id like some little advice here. Im trying to stop breastfeeding & for a week my daugther took the bottle once a day and it was juste fine. But the daddy just stopped doing it & now she just goes crazy and dosnt want anything to do with the bottle :O! is it the type of bottle thats bothering her? or even the milk? should i try a bunch of different bottles? this is so tough & shes already 6 months , id like her to take the bottle so i can start going o school again soon or work what to do lol


Innocentglitter - posted on 11/22/2012




I bf and worked at the same time, at first I left pumped milk for my son. Though he still did not like the bottle, and I had to find one that did work for him. Adjusting him to formula did take some time. My best advice is have a family member or friend that is experienced with this watch her maybe twice a week for a couple hours until she adjusts to using a bottle. It does take time but it's not impossible. I had my mother help me with my son, and trust me when they get hungry enough they will eat.

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