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Kaylee Grace was chosen the most but what about compared with Ava Lynn or Alaina Breann??


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Mellody - posted on 10/06/2009




my little girls name is Avery Lynn, and my best friend is having a little girl, he was going to name her Ava Lynn untill she realized that is was so simillar to avery's name lol

now shes still going with Ava but i dont think shes found a middle name yet.

a few girl names i really like were... Sydney Jane, Ava Lee, Ebony - which would be cute with Grace..Ebony Grace??, Hayden, Kaydance, Danny Lynn, Kyle (like the boys name) Korey, and a few others that i cant remember, i had such a hard time choosing girl names, i thought for sure i was having a boy, and i really liked Finn.(but couldnt find a good middle name lol) Kale or Kail and Haiden Christopher for a boy .

i know its hard, i actually had chosen Avery as a boy's name, (and apparently its supposed to be a boys name) but when i found out i was having a girl i had gotten so used to Avery and attached to the name that i chose Avery Lynn. its a very girly name and very few people know its actually a boys name. lol

Good luck. just say the names you like over and over, if you get sick of how it sounds, dont use it, eventually, you will find one that sounds good no matter how many times you say it, and that'll be the one lol... (not kidding thats what i did .)

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