baby not sleeping during the day much anymore...HELP!

Liane - posted on 06/30/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My almost 3 month old used to sleep at least 1-2 hours after every feeding. Now he eats and plays then acts like he wants to sleep but when I try to put him down or cuddle him to go to sleep he does nothing but cry. Anyone experience this? He sleeps soundly through the night and has been even before this type of episode. What could be going on?? Any suggestions? I am becomming frustrated. He is quieted when I pick him up, content after eating, nothing in our schedule has changed...what could this be??


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Katy - posted on 06/30/2009




Both of my kids stopped napping at 1 yr, (for good, never took naps again unless sick) and that was frustrating enough. Maybe it's just a small phase he's going through. If he's getting all he needs of sleep and he's happy, let him get through this phase and enjoy the time with him. Eventually he'll start taking his naps again, lets hope.

Ericka - posted on 06/30/2009




He could be developing a late case of colic. They usually quiet down when you pick them up, but there may not be anything you can do. It can last until he's 6 months. If your schedule has not changed, this is the only thing I can think of. I hope you have a good support system at home! good luck to you.

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