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My baby's 3 months old and for the past 3 weeks has had a blocked nose, mostly at night. I've tried saline spray and have the humidifier on at night. Does anyone know anything that I could try because it's starting to interfer with his rest at night.

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My Daughter had the same prob when she was a baby (allergies) You def need to take him/her to the doc but in the mean time or even afterwards what I found really helped with allergies and such with a baby so young is : instead of trying to suction everything out do the saline drops(2-3 drops in each nostral) every couple of hours or so (keep the nasal passages moist) and let everything drain down into the tummy (letting it get dry in the nasal passages when they have a stuffy nose could result in a sinus infection and as you said makes them miserable ,and now the docs don't like to give antibiotics to babies)
Also, keep running the humidifier all day and when you take a shower get the water as hot as you can stand it and put the baby in a bouncy seat,car seat or something else secure and set them in the floor while you are taking a shower,you may even want to do this a couple times a day (it is actually a good idea)and b-4 bed especially, minus the shower of course, just turn the hot water on in the shower close the door sit in the bathroom with your baby as long as you can 30 min an hour whatever it takes, he/she will be very snotty and prob caugh a little but this is normal (due to the nasal dranage down the throat)let everything drain down and don't suction just wipe nose clean. The shower acts as a SUPER HUMIDIFIER but make sure you close the door and stay with him/her the entire time.And make sure you don't take the baby in the cold directly after so as not to cause namonia.The baby will have yellow looking and prob a little runny bowl movements due to the drainage but it is ok unless it gets excessive make sure you give plenty of fluids too so not to dehydrate.
I don't like to give too many meds to my kids and try to find "home remedies" I guess you could call them.
Hope this helps.


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I agree on the hot shower - it definitely helped me and my girls. Also, try to nurse more if you can, the antibodies in your milk will help fight off any secondary infections.

Monica - posted on 08/14/2009




I use a bulb syringe. Baby hates it but it works. I also use the baby chest rub, like Vick's Vapor Rub but for babies. Doesn't unstop the nose but it helps baby feel better.

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Go to the doctor .My little girls nose was so congested she couldn't drink at night until the doctor prescribed a tiny dose of decongestant (Demazin-syrup) and nose drops (ilian -infant 0,01%nose drops).He told me that I could give her 0.3ml of the decongestant and three drops of the nose drops three times a day when she was only 2 months old .I just used them once a night just before she went to sleep for about a week.Then her congestion got better as the weather got warmer.

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