Baby scared when I shower

Carrie - posted on 10/17/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey everyone, I am looking to see if anyone else has experienced this.

My baby girl is 5 months old now, and has no problems with her baths, she loves them!

Well, I take care of her by myself a lot, and she is a pretty demanding baby, so when I take showers, I have to bring her in the bathroom with me. I put her in her little swing, and she is content, (most of the time), just playing with some toys.

Today, I did just that. I turn on the shower, she's in the swing chewin on a teether, and she is content as can be. As soon as I get in the shower, after about a minute of looking at me, she starts crying, then screaming, and having a panic attack. She's been like this about me showering ever since I can remember, but I just chalked it up to her not napping and being overly tired. Today, she definitely was not overtired because she had just woken from a nap, and had recently eaten.

And it suddenly hit me, that she was scared. The way she was crying and screaming and looking at me, a lightbulb just went on.

I am still going to have to bring her in the bathroom with me for a while, and when I do, I try and talk to her and play with her while showering, but she doesn't stop panicking until I'm drying off afterwards.

I was wondering if this has happened to any other mama out there, and if it has, what has helped?


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My son is one and he did this from about 4 months until 8 months I too thought he was overly tired or bored and such but then I realized Inge was scared I couldn't figure out why but what I usually did was either wait to take a shower when he was napping (I had the door open and could see that he was content and okay) and I would just try to be quick and quiet but if he was awake I would usually bring in a talking book or a singing to and just try to keep him distracted it worked sometimes but I guess he just grew out of being scared of it after a few month hope this helped just a little :)


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Carrie - posted on 11/11/2012





It did help thank you! It's encouraging to know that she will, (hopefully!) one day grow out of that fear, so I can eventually take a normal shower! Haha


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