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baby shoes

Dawn - posted on 10/20/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I know walking babies need shoes after a while, but is it REALLY necessary to buy expensive ones?? I am a Payless kinda girl...not a Sketchers or department store kinda girl so I really am not too keen on spending lots of money on baby shoes (esp since my little guy grows so fast, and money is tight.) He is 16 months old now, and I tried on a baby size 5 shoe at Wal-Mart (fits!) but I wasn't quite happy with the quality for the price. Should I just break down and go for the expensive brands or is there an alternative?


NOTE: I will NOT buy "used" shoes. I have a thing that just really grosses me out about wearing something someone else has worn on their feet. *shudders*


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Tinker1987 - posted on 10/20/2011




i agree with the others it is highly important to start them off right. you get what you pay for,i buy my son Etnies,they are wider and seem to last him along time.

September - posted on 10/20/2011




I will not buy cheap shoes regardless of how young my child is. I want comfortable shoes and so does my child, I’m sure. I always buy Stride Rite's for our son. They are about $40-$50 but well worth it imo :) I've bought him a few pairs of Nike's as well but always fall back on the Stride Rites since they are amazing!

Katherine - posted on 10/20/2011




I would spend the extra on the shoes, you what their little feet to be supported well and have the durability.

I also have a thing against used shoes....gross!!!! My son will NEVER wear them...

That being said, he wont be wearing shoes until he's walking steadily outside

Kristyn - posted on 10/20/2011




I think its important to buy decent shoes for kids just because their feet are still developing. I totally know what you mean tho about money being tight. Paying $40 for a pair of shoes they will wear for a few months makes you sick. Do you have outlets around where you live? We have a nike outlet and I can get shoes for $15 there and they are nice shoes. Maybe you could look on ebay too. They have lots of new shoes for a lot cheaper. Good luck!

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