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Mel - posted on 04/23/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any good babyshower games ? And Im due in October but have alot of family stuff in september, so we were thinking of having the baby shower in August sometime, is that too early ??


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I just threw my friend a shower back in January and we did a few games that I printed off the internet. Just google baby shower games and it will give you websites that let you print out games for free like word scrambles. Also we found little tiny plastic babies that you put into ice cubes and you put them into peoples punch and who ever has the first baby to melt yells "my water broke". Another fun one is give everyone a clothes pin or any other party favor item and anyone who catches another person saying the word baby or any other word of your choice gets the clothes pin, the person with the most at the end of the shower gets a prize. We also did the door prize for anyone who brought diapers and it was a huge hit! As long as you are into your 2nd trimester, I say anytime!

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A really fun and kinda gross game is guess the poop. You grab about six different kinds of chocolate bars and melt them. Then you put them in diapers. The guests are to look, smell,or touch the chocolate (no tasting) and guess what kind it is and write it down on a piece of paper, whoever has the most correct answers wins. Its lots of fun, and you can choose all different kinds of chocolates that have different consistency for example, with peanuts, fruits and nuts,milk chocolate, caramel etc. Have fun!

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Baby bingo. My advice though is to print blank ones online and have the guests fill in baby items where they want. It's a lot cheaper, and you can play with more people than if you buy a kit.

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my baby shower was a blast...the first game was just for me, they challenged me to hold a baby doll, talk on the phone, and hang baby clothes on a wash fun! The next was who could guess how many sheets of toilet paper it would take to wrap around my belly three favorite was...they had melted candy bars and put them into diapers. Everyone had to guess what the candy bar was! amazing.

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Take like 20 baby related names and make a word scramble. Set a time limit, and whoever gets the most words unscrambled WINS!!! Hint- Use words that people wouldn't normally think of like ybibbbsa- Baby bibs!!!


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I agree with everyone else, August is not to early at all. A few games that I have played are A-Z, everyone has to fill in a baby item that starts with that letter. We have played name the baby animal. For example, you list Dog, then everyone has to list what the baby dog is a puppy. I have played guess the baby food, if it is co-ed, we have played baby bottle games. If you get sow or stage one nipples, have the dadys suck down juice or water, whomever finishes first wins. Those are just a few fun ones that I have played.

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hi my friend hadjust had her baby shower and she had a great game which was u had 2 bowls of rice and u put safety pins in there and u mixed it about and u had two people playing at a time and they were blinded folded and uhad to find as many safety pins a u ca within a minute. great game very hard.

with my baby shower i played a game with safety pins. called pin the cloth nappy on a balloon without popping it. name as many boys and girls names with in a minute is another on.

hope this helps

have fun!!!!!!

Amber - posted on 04/23/2009




definitely not too early.

At my sisters shower, I gave everyone a paper plate and a marker and had them draw what they though the baby would look like... trick was that they had to keep the plate ontop of their heads!

One other tip for you. put on the invitations that you are having a "diaper door prize" where everyone brings a package of diapers and gets one entry per package. Then you pull one name for a prize!

With the diapers from that, I literally didn't have to buy diapers till 6 months after he was born!!

Have fun!

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