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So my child's father wants my daughter to come around his side of the family. But, as her mother I feel that she shouldn't come around his side of the family b/c they don't do anything for my daughter. They don't include her in anything. They don't check on her at all. And behind closed doors they talk shit about me. it's so funny b/c I give my daughter the world while he got the easy part of not doing anything but getting little stuff when it takes more than a pack of diapers&a box of wipes. Not just that but he wants to clam her on his taxes but she don't even stay with him or in his house hold to even want to clam her on his taxes. Since iv had her I feel that my life is being controlled and her father feels that he has more of a say so due to the fact that he's her father. Advise please


Jessica - posted on 01/25/2014




My sons father was the same way. First I took him for sole custody second child support. After I was granted sole custody I told him that either he goes on a schedule we make or he can just go away and not waste my time. Plus if the child does not reside with him he cannot claim besides he needs the ssn if he dont have that he has nothing but dont worry if he does cause if he claims and u dispute they will freeze his taxes and he will have to have her actual documents such as the ssc birth certificate and proof she lives with him. Theres a seperate tax credit if he can prove he pays child support. Dont let him bully u or tell u what is what when it comes to a child u are basically raising on your own. Stay strong and keep taking care of your baby.

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