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So my child's father wants my daughter to come around his side of the family. But, as her mother I feel that she shouldn't come around his side of the family b/c they don't do anything for my daughter. They don't include her in anything. They don't check on her at all. And behind closed doors they talk shit about me. it's so funny b/c I give my daughter the world while he got the easy part of not doing anything but getting little stuff when it takes more than a pack of diapers&a box of wipes. Not just that but he wants to clam her on his taxes but she don't even stay with him or in his house hold to even want to clam her on his taxes. Since iv had her I feel that my life is being controlled and her father feels that he has more of a say so due to the fact that he's her father. Advise please


Christa - posted on 01/25/2014




you have to do what you feel is best for the child. in the end its the child who suffers. regardless of what they feel about you i am sure they love the child and would take care of her while she is there. but unless there is a court order stating she isnt to go around you baby dadds family there isnt much you can do. no you dont have to send her to her dads if there is no court order.the father dose have rights it takes going to court to have them actually mean something but he dose have rights. and when she is old enough to decide if and when she want to see them family members then that will be her choice. but i wouldn't shut the door she dose need to know that side of her family.

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