Back to school...Why does it seem like all the other moms are OLD??

Stacie - posted on 09/04/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I had my daughter when I was 20 and now she is in 2nd grade and all the other moms are like in there 40's. Its hard to relate to them, they seem "better" than me. Has anyone else seen this?


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Jamie - posted on 09/07/2009




LOLOLOLOLOLOL, yes. My kids are 3 and 4 and have been invited to a few birthday parties for kids in thier class. so we went, well, Im th youngest person there and Im 26, so I get all these looks. Even funnier, my kids are more behaved then thiers. I havent been invited to any in a long time, probably because I sit like an idiot by my self because everyone is at least 10yrs older then me.

Ryann - posted on 09/07/2009




trust me some day it will be worth it my mom is 43 and her three kids are out of the house. I'm 23 my sisters 22 and my brothers 20. She said having kids was the wisest decision shes young enough now where she gets to do things she missed out on while having kids young. It's great for me too because the lovvvvve babysitting my daughter and they have the energy to do it.

Melissa - posted on 09/07/2009




i had that probleme this year my 4 year old started school and i went to get her the first day. all the moms were waiting outside for the kids to come out and i could feel the eyes on me since all the moms were in there late 20's to mid 30's and im 24. i even got "oh wow your picking up your sister how sweet" so ya its frustrating sometimes but i look at it this way when ill be 40 she will be 20 and ill still be young

Casey - posted on 09/07/2009




Just think, when we're their age our children will be grown, and we'll STILL be young!!

Diane - posted on 09/04/2009




I had my first child when I was 19. He is now in fourth grade and I get the same thing. I get treated differently by most of the other moms like they are better than me. Most won't even talk 2 me I feel isolated when I participate in school activities. Boo to these judgemental women. :(

Jen - posted on 09/04/2009




I know what you mean. My daughter is only 21 months, but I also had her when I was 20 and when I see some of the other parents from her day care class I feel like I'm so much younger than them. I also feel young with my neighbors who have a 4 year old and they're in their 30s and our other neighbors don't have kids yet and they're also probably in their 30s. I know it will only get worse when she does start school and I'll have to figure out how to interact with them lol :)

User - posted on 09/04/2009




A mom in her 40's who has a second grader isn't necessarily a wiser mom because she has age on her side. We live in a society where alot of women are having their first kids at older ages, so it's really common to see women in their 40's with young school aged children. Try not to focus on the age gap rather the similarities between you aka you're both moms with children the same age...

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