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i am a first time mom so i'm gonna have a lot of questions so bare with me. anyway.

1. my son aj is 2 mos old and doesn't like to sleep on his back. i must admit that i do let him sleep on his tummy only because he goes to sleep better that way. for the most part he turns his head from side to side just fine. but on those rare moments when he does turn his head, he will put his face into the bed. of course this scares me. how can i get him to sleep on his back and not wake back up when i lay him down.

2. even though aj is a healthy 11 lbs, sometime it seems like he's spitting up more than he eats. i know part of the reason is because he's a very activie baby. him moving around like he does after he eats doesn't help. he eats 3-4 oz every 3-4 hrs. i dont know if i'm feeding him too much or what?

3. when is it ok to give a baby juice? his doctor told me to give him apple prune juice when he hasn't had a bowel movement in so many days. my parents seem to think its ok to give him juice every once in a while as a treat.

4. when is it ok to put rice/cereal in milk? i put it in aj's once in a while. usually only at night. thinking it will make him full enough to sleep longer. wishful thinking on my part sine aj is a tad bit greedy. lol.

thats all i can think of for now. its 1:00am hre in st. louis and aj is still up. gotta go put him to sleep. i sure will be glad when he's on a normal sleeping schedule. lol.


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Shelley - posted on 06/10/2009




Did you know, that the whole reason no one lets thier baby sleep on their front anymore is due to a female MP in London... she put her baby to sleep on her front on a sheepskin rug, the baby overheated or suffocated cos of the long fibres on her mouth... and that is why we are all told to sleep a baby on their backs... common sense says to me, don't put a baby face down on fabric they can't turn their head away from!...

The spitting up, depends on how much is coming out and a what rate... is is dribble, or is it coming out like pea soup from the excorsist?? if it is the latter then everyone is right, it is a reflux and you will need to see the GP, Keep your baby upright for 20 mins after a feed, wind them well and it helps to raise the head end of the cot slightly.

Juice for any age baby is only good for a formula fed baby in the summer months when it is real hot (it should stop dehydration).

And rice in a bottle isn't a good idea until at least 17 weeks of age, due to an immature gut, and choking hazzards, due to not being able to swallow very well.

The whole sleeping thing... well that's a tuffy... try not to allow your baby to sleep between the hours of 2pm and 5pm otherwise when you put him down at 7, he won't sleep... wake him at 10.30pm for a full feed and you will find that he should sleep til at least 7am! but all babies will do this on their own in time...

I hope this helps! x

Kathy - posted on 06/10/2009




sorry one more thing the reason babies spit up is because there digestive track is smaller as they get older it expands and the spitting up usually slows down and then eventually stops.. also if there is any history of reflex problems in yoru family you may want to mention it to the doctor as it could be the problem as well. Sometimes it can be a lactose intolerance but again spitting up just looks like a lot to us and usually what we think is a lot is no concern to a doctor

Kathy - posted on 06/10/2009




Okay please dont put him on his back talk to your doctor about the spitting up as it could be a reflex problem.,, but dont panic right away my son is almost two months and he spits up a lot i thought there was a problem too but my doctor said it was normal as long as he is not spitting up what he should be eating,, sometimes it just looks worse than it is. Second I think you may be under feeding him usually babies by 2months should be eating at least 6 ounces of formula again my baby is 1 and 1/2 months old and he just moved up to 6 ounces, dont be afraid to increase his intake start slowly half an ounce each week but really i would at least skip to five and see if that makes him better,, trust me your doctor will tell you if you baby is drinking too much. When my baby was 7pounds 9 ounces they said he should not be taking more than 17ounces a day so 4-5 ounces was the right amount. It all depends on there weight i believe the doctor can tell you exactly what he should be eating. You really shouldnt be putting rice/cereal in his milk,, babies are not suppose to start solids until 6months this is because there digestive system cannot process the food giving him this too early could cause constipation or oter stomach issues. The reason i think he wont sleep long enough is because he needs to be drinking more formula, most babies at 2months begin sleeping through the night because they drink more formula try it i really think you will see a difference =) .. If your doctor approved the prune juice then i guess it is okay but any other juices should not be given at this age again the acidics in the juice can cause stomach problems. Hope this helps, good luck =)

Jessica - posted on 06/08/2009




Hi there,

Firstly PLEASE PLEASE don't put baby to sleep on his tummy. This is not good and greatly increased the chance of SIDS (cot death) I totally understand why you have done it but it really isn't safe. I have a suggestion on that. My son was a bit like that too didn't like to sleep on his back and the reason for that was he suffered from colic (stuck wind) and reflux. I see you said he spits up a lot? That is what my son did A LOT and found out it was reflux DR gave us some stuff to put in his bottle to thicken it up and it stopped the spitting up.

Now here in New Zealand we don't use oz we use mls and a 2 month old should be having approx 150mls to 200mls every 3-4 hours. Less milk more often if its hot or he's sick or having growth spurt.

If your DR has said it's ok to give your baby juice for constipation then I guess it's ok however at only 2 months of age personally I wouldn't.

Putting rice/cereal in his milk to try fill him up isn't a good idea he's not ready for that yet please wait at least 4 more weeks before introducing solids in any form. Putting rice in his milk could be causing a tummy upset as well as constipation could be why he's spitting up restless and wont sleep on his back. ALSO introducing solids too early can cause food allergies.

Ok so now a sleep routine
What used to work for me with my boy who was also a bit greedy was feeding him at these times:

Then he would sleep from 11pm til 6am

I would keep an eye on his spitting up and if you feel its a bit much I would talk to your doctor it could very well be reflux and the reason behind why your baby doesn't like to sleep on his back. There may also be some colic specially if baby is bottle fed. You could try slowing the feeds down buy a slow teat for the bottle and feed baby half the bottle burp him then feed him the other half and burp him again. I found that with my sons colic infacol worked wonders. It can be bought for a supermarket in the baby isle.

I sure do hope my tips and tricks have helped you out. I know what it's like to be a first time mum and you are so doing the right thing asking for opinions.

Best of luck

Sharlene - posted on 06/08/2009




I use to sleep my daughter on her side, see if you can find something called a safely wedge to hold him on his side, he might move himself to his back on his own and be fine. Sounds like your feeding him right, alot of babies have reflux and will spill up if they have eaten/drinken too fast or too much my daughter is 11mths and still spills up at times. I wouldnt give juice but thats me i would do juice when he is on soild food, prune juice yes is pretty good for bowel movements when he needs. Im not sure what hte age thing is where you are but here in NZ they suggust giving soild foods at 6mths of age, my daughter started on soilds at 5mths, they also say when the baby is interested in food, and wanting the spoon in thier mouth without spitting it out, then they are ready for soild food until then i would stick to only milk. Giving soilds is a myth to make baby sleep better, its not normally the case, if he is hungry offer more milk.

I think i have answered your questions

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