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Dana - posted on 04/10/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I know this is ridiculous but my sons bday is 4-21 and mine is 4-20 so we dont celebrate mine because i dont want to steal his thunder! but i miss having one special day a year ,my fiance says who cares what s a bday? so obviously its not important to him either. am i nuts? or is it crazy to want to be thought of one day a year? not presents just thought of remembered made to feel special and valued..


Claire - posted on 04/10/2009




Well if you're not having your birthday observed at ALL, then that is wrong.  Yes, everyone should be allowed that one day a year.  You shouldn't feel as though you are "stealing his thunder", because you aren't; you are just celebrating your birthday the day before his.  When it's his birthday, then yours is over.

If your fiance doesn't seem to care, it could be because he is just saying what you want to hear, thinking that you don't want to "steal your son's thunder", or he might just actually not care, and that would be pretty selfish, especially if he expects special treatment at HIS birthday.

I suggest preparing for this lifelong birthday drama by taking special considerations: if you both are having birthday cakes, then have them be different from eachother and smaller, so cake isn't wasted.  Also, perhaps planning a celebration of either birthday at least a week apart from eachother, so that the events don't seem to "blend" so much.

Obviously though, if you make a deal out of having your birthday observed too, then others should too.


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Jocelyn - posted on 04/10/2009




why don't you let him have april 21 and then you can pick a different day, maybe the next week, or the next month.  i mean, if he has his party on the 21, and you have one on the 28, i'm sure everyone will still want to celebrate with you :)  i have a summer birthday, so i'm always celebrating early (before everyone goes way on holidays) and it's just the same (to me) celebrating in june than it is in july lol.  i still get the birthday wishes on my actual b-day from my hubby and close friends and family, we just don't have a party

User - posted on 04/10/2009




My eldest's birthday is on the 11th Feb, mine is the 10th Feb and my daughter's b'day is the 9th Feb, I have given up hope on mine, not to mention it is just too exhausting celebrating 3 birthdays in a row! I said this year that I dindnt want to celebrate mine, but my Mum wouldnt have a bar of it! I said that I was changing my birthday to 2nd Oct, but in all honesty I would prefer to just go out for tea on our wedding anniversary or be made special on Valentines Day :)

Jamie - posted on 04/10/2009




No my daughter and my mom have the same bday. And I have the same bday as my father in law, i hate sharing it, i cant just do what i want to do, my hubby always has to check with his dad. We always celebrate my moms by going to dinner with my grandma and my daughter has cake and ice cream with all the grandparents.

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