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My son is 4 year's old and extremely hyper. I don't want to hear anything about medication because thats not goin to happen. Im also tired of hearing "he's a boy". Does anyone have anymore advice?


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Andrea - posted on 06/25/2009




My neice at the age 7 was told she had ADD and was put on some medication for it!!! It didn't really work for her and she moved in with my parents and was immdently taken off the medication. My parents (this took awhile) put her on a routine that was used 7 days a week (pretty much everything do at the same time everyday), they keeped her busy with activities, and had her take a calming bath every night! She is now 11 and is a very happy, healthy, and not extremely hyper!!! Good luck!

Charlie - posted on 06/25/2009




Ask your doctor about an elimination diet its a good way to detirmine what foods are causing this reaction ive seen a few children at my school do it for behaviour reasons and it has made them new calmer more attentive children . its not always foods with preservatives it can be certain fruits , and veggies also get more info from your doctor about it first.

Kirsty - posted on 06/25/2009




what sort of a diet does ur son have? my son is 2 nd a bit nd i have found certain foods send him CRAZY he gets very aggressive and very distressed.

things such as colours, preservs and sugar do this to him.

pears and nectarines, anything artificially flavoured, um sorbitol which is found in most cough medicines and vitamins, juice, cordial all that kind of stuff.

He is on a very natural fresh food diet, vegies fruit minus the two i spoke of, i dont feed him processed meats everythn is plain nd grilled or baked such as fish, chicken occasionally he has mince in spaghetti or a sausage but i make sure i buy them so i no where theyre from n wats in them.

preservative 621,322, are a no go zone.

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