Beach at 5 1/2 weeks?

Gina - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




My father-in-law just invited us to go the beach for the day.. He is pretty hard core, so he said he'd bring a fan and a generator, and he always has shade with tarps. We live in Texas and it is humid. It also will be around 98 to 100 degrees. I am a little worried though.. I don't breast feed (because I wasn't able too, please don't hate on me :O) ) so I would also have to worry about sand on the bottles, and making sure it doesn't get in the formula. I have a little life jacket for infants, but it is safe for them to get in ocean water? I wouldn't take him out very far anyway, maybe knee deep, too keep him cool. Could he get sick from it? What do you guys think? Any experiences that young? Should I just stay home?


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I live in Mississippi and don't even like to take my daughter (4 months) out in the middle of the day because it is miserably hot. I may be too protective but I wouldn't take a newborn to the beach. Sweaty, sandy, salty can't be comfortable for him. Stay inside with the a/c!! If you do go and you use sunscreen make sure it is safe for babies under 6 months. And check the label..banana boat for kids even says not use under 6 months. Sunscreen is metabolized in the liver and babies' livers are not mature enough for it.

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I live in Texas too. I think it's just way too hot out for a whole day at the beach. I read that anything over 90 is too hot for infants. I haven't gone out much with her because of the heat. If you do decide to go, keep a close eye on your little one and I would call if a day if you notice your baby getting really sweaty. I don't think I would stick more than my baby's feet in for now.

Mary - posted on 07/03/2009




i brought my daughter to the beach when she was 6 weeks old, and she was fine. she was under an umbrella...but it wasnt nearly as hot as what you were saying. i would bring him but dont keep him out too long

Jessica - posted on 07/02/2009




Id go just bring a blanket for on the beach ice for the cooler and maybe some extra water to wash the bottles if they do get dirty.

i agree with the first lady if you do bring the little one into the water do it short cycles babies over heat and get chilly alot faster then adults baby probably wont like getting up to his hips wet anyways for tempature difference just takle it slow

my oldest when he was young i went to the river (more a creek in grand forks) and would get his feet wet really warm days hed even get his daipor wet but he didnt care for that much.

id also put sunsreen on him as well uv rays can and will get you in the shade and off as well

just remember no one knows your babymore then you and dad you shouldnt have to miss out on days to the bech just get properly propared for it

i mentioned the off even the family friendly one can be strong on baby skin so maybe just put it on the cloths and not legs or ars youll be close anyways

the sun also gives off vitimin d which helps with johndis if your baby still has that anyways but short cycles maybe 5 min at a time or less

Kirsten - posted on 07/02/2009




I wouldn't due to the sun at the beach!

I know I burn in a VERY short amount of time and even with shade there can still be damage....

Guggie - posted on 07/02/2009




I would avoid the ocean. Some might have differing opinions, but I think avoiding it will just cut down on all the worries. If you are worried about heat, maybe bring some soft washcloths in a tepid bowl of water with a lid on it so you can wipe down his arms and legs.

As for sand, you could use that same bowl of water to rinse the bottles. And if you keep them sealed in a cooler that would help too.

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think about long have we had electric fans and a/c? what do you think pioneer women did? stayed inside with the a/c? no...they dealt with the did their newborns...lot's of shade, no sunblock on baby unless you can find one specifically for that age (not real likely) if you can find some, wash it off as soon as it isn't needed,..get a cooler only for baby formula and bottles. light cotton's ok to get baby wet as long as you keep a check on his temp..bring a few towels just for HIM and if he gets alittle too cool, wrap him up in one. the water isn't going to hurt him. bring a gallon of clean water with you to rinse him off (sand, salt water, etc...) lot's of shade time though. don't keep him in the sun for more that a few minutes at a takes a lot to go to the beach with babies, but just go wih what you feel comfortable with. If YOU don't want baby in the water, don't put him in the water and just let others know you would appreciate it if they would not make you worry by taking him in the water - most people will understand that and if they don't...who cares! He's your son!!

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i think it would be ok i live nowhere near water lol and my son was born in nov lol but i think that as long as he doesnt go more than waste or hip in the water he will probably be just fine i was never really crazy worried about it i was worried about being alone after i left the hospital cuz at the time i was breast feeding and i just wasnt getting the hang of it (which was ok i had to stop since i didnt have milk lol) but i didnt worry about alot and just keep alot of sunscrean on him make sure you give him his formula maybe instead of every 4 hours offer it every two hours and dont keep him out as long you know maybe 10 min or so find him a hat and make sure that NO salt water or whatever kind of water you have there gets anywhere near his face dont worry so much you will know if something is wrong but i think it will be ok keep him in the shade most of the time though good luck

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It would be okay to go, but not very long. Being that young you don't want to take them out anywhere for more than a few hours. If you can keep baby cool and shaded, then he'll be fine. I'd say keep him out of the water for reasons already stated, plus the possibility of disease. Watch the temperature of the formula also.

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my girlfriend took her newborn to the beach and had no problems...

it seems that if you have a fan on him in the shade that there wouldn't be any danger. being outdoors is good for babies, as is a little sunshine and fresh air. i dont think you're supposed to fill babies up with water but a little cold water in a bottle would probably be good.

maybe i'm too laid back, but i would just keep a close eye on him and see if he seems lethargic, hot or uncomfortable. my girl is 9 months now, but i was completely nervous about EEEEVERYTHING when she was a newborn so i totally understand the worry! :)

Christal - posted on 07/02/2009




this is a tough one...i agree not to tak ehim in the water for same reasons.

whether to go or not? aye, personally i wouldnt. i'd be to scared at that age of the humidity getting to him and him dehydrating fast even though in the shade unless you bring the AC with you and keep it at a coimfortable degree then i'd stay home. thats just me though.

Ashley - posted on 07/02/2009




I think the baby is a little too young to be in the water at all because at that age they haven't learned how to regulate there body temp yet, they could get too cold. Baby should prob just stay under neath the shade and dry!

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