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I'm trying to find a bueaty pageant to start my daught in. She just turned 6mo. and I've heard you can start them as young as 3mo. I've tried finding them online but all I came up with is the photo contests. I live in Kokomo, Indiana does anyone know of any in my area or close by? Also on that note I know I will probably get alot of "hate" replies for wanting to put my daughter in and so young at that but... I'm not going to be one of those "physco" pageant moms (if she likes it then she will have to work hard for it, if she doesnt like it then she dont have to do it) and also most pagents offer somekind of schollarship for the winners or cash which she could save n use in the furture.

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Emily - posted on 03/25/2009




I dont' know of many pagents for babies; arent' they supposed to involve a talent portion and essay or something?  I think most for babies are photo contests. Some pagents have changed from when they were all about "beauty" -obviously some have not. My roomate from school was able to pay for college and most of med. school on scholarships garnered through pagents. I have seen her videos and they didn't seem JonBenetesque- I guess some are more reputable than others.

Jamie - posted on 03/25/2009




I think they are ok as long as you do the natural ones. not the ones where your putting make up and spray tan and 50lbs of hairspray in her hair.

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