bed wetting

Gruntie - posted on 04/28/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




all of my kids wet the bed, the dr. says their bladders are small


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My 8 year old nephew has an issue with wetting the bed, he didn't have a small bladder. His mother just refused to potty train him. When he went to live wih my sister and his dad, my sister brought him to the doctor and they prescribed him medication. I dont know the name of it, but he takes it before bed and it helps to stop his bladder from contracting so much at night, which helps him to not wet the bed. She also doesnt allow him to have anymore then a little glass of milk, juice, or water an hour and a half before bed. He is allowed to drink it with his dinner, after that small glass he get nothing until the next day. This also helps because he doesnt have all that liquid to pee out in the middle of the night.

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