Being a young parent.

Amy - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi My name is Amy! I'm new here! Just wanted to let you know a little about me. Ok here I go.....I'm happily married and have 2 awesome boys! I'm 27 years old and my oldest is 7yrs, my youngest is 5! They have been a great wake up call in my life and sent me in the right direction! I wouldn't change anything!!!! EVER!

Has anyone else had issues with being judged everyday because you're a young mother? I have some people give me the worst looks. Even when I take my boys to school or there's a school function, a lot of moms will NOT talk to me. Not sure why and they all know I'm Damon's mom. I can say I'm usually the one standing alone while all the 40 year old moms have a good ol get together. It's very uncomfortable!!!! What would you do in that type of situation?


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Sasha - posted on 09/09/2009




I am also a young mother, i had my daughter when i was 18 & my son 14mo later, people always give me weird looks, ive actually had a few people ask if my children were REALLY mine!!! ummm no? i just kidnapped two kids that look JUST like i do!!! People are just crazy! age does not decide if you are a good parent!!! i AM a good mother and my children prove that to me each & every day i dont need someone else to approve! if i were in that situation(which i most likely will be in a few years) i would just walk right up to their little "group" and start talking to them! (i mean really...isnt that being a bit childish? "clicks" are for highschoolers! & speaking of highschoolers i'm sure its gonna be REAL cool when their kids are in highschool & they get mistaken for grandparents! LOL)

Rebecca - posted on 09/09/2009




Hi i'm 27 yrs old and i have a 8yr old a 4 yr old and i'm just over 5 months pregnant with my third baby and my god not only do i get asked if lee my 8 yr old is mine i also get looked at as if im a slag for having three kids before i'm 30 i too feel like the outsider at my boys school as all the other parents and older but i have learnt not to care i wouldnt change my life for anything and the boys mean the world to me those who want to know me for who i am are welcome to talk to me those who dont arent worh my time or energy my kids are happy and i have been with my partner since my oldest was 3yrs old so if they wanna think i'm sleeping around thats upto them you have got nothing to be ashamed off and everything to be happy about with two i guess lovely kids x

Liz - posted on 09/09/2009




I'm a young mom too. I had my 15 month old ( 13 and a half months corrected) b/g twins when I was 21. I get strange looks all the time. Not only because of them being twins but because I am a young mom.

Bobbie - posted on 09/09/2009




Hey... Thats AWESOME your a young mom. I think it is anyways.. I m 21 and I have a 19 month old son, and I am 5 months pregnant again. People can be so judgemental about young moms. One time i was walking through the mall and my son was about 4 months, and some lady maybe 35 40 looks directly at me and says to whoever she was with, wow look at her she is to young to be having a kid, kids these days... I was like really bitch?!!? haha.. And if someone doesnt wanna talk to you because your a young mom, then really you dont need to talk to them and they are not worth your time at all!!! Stay Strong about it.. young moms rock anyways :)

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