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Stacy - posted on 06/03/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 4 years old and I love her dearly, however in the last 2 months she has had some pretty serious behavioral changes. My daughter Bailey is playing with the little girls in the neighborhood all the time in the evenings and some of the girls are like 3 to 4 years older than she is which could possibly be the problem. Anyway, she has been out playing with the kids and all of the sudden the kids will be knocking on my door telling on Bailey for either hiting, pulling on their clothes, or calling them names like ( stupid, dumb, ugly ) and I just don't know where this is coming from and I sure don't want it to continue. I have ADD and I know my husband was also diagnosed with ADD when he was a child too. I guess I am wondering if this is also happening to my daughter. I just need to know if I should be getting her some medication


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Jamie - posted on 06/03/2009




Heres my first question. Why is your 4 yr old outside with out your supervision? And I think it has to do with the age of the kids shes with and wanting attention so shes getting it in a negative way. I doubt shes ADD. Try to adjust her diet. Watch her while shes outside and find some kids her age to play with

Emma - posted on 06/03/2009




I agree with Shawna, if you worried its ADD take her to a doctor. Is she being bullied by the older girls first to make her be mean back? There can be many reasons why a 4yr old has had a change in behaviour!

Shawna - posted on 06/03/2009




I wouldn't be too quick to medicate. I don't believe in medicating a child but thats just me. If you suspect ADD then take her for an evaluation or Maybe there is something bugging her, new daycare, neighborhood, moms away more( job), different babysitter??

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