Krystle - posted on 05/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




When's a good age to wean babies off of Binkies or Pacifiers?


Christine - posted on 05/29/2009




My doctor & dentist told me 2 years old because that is when it can affect their teeth, bite, gums. My boys only have it at naptime & bedtime and I need to start weening them off the naptime one real soon because they will be 2 in July! I just feel so bad because they have had them since the day they were born and because they turn 2 I have to take it away. I know it's better for the long run but really hard for the moment.

Dawn - posted on 05/28/2009




I think it really depends on the baby. My son willingly gave it and the bottle up at 11 months. My daughter hasn't used a bink bink since she was about 3 months. I try giving it to her now (at 11 months) to help with the teething and she just spits it out and throws it away. Most doctors and dentist have told me that it won't really hurt them until they are two because at that point it could mess up their teeth and gums...but so does thumb sucking so I think you just have to do what you feel is right. If the baby rarely uses it them you can just take it one day (without them seeing) and act like it no longer exist. If it is more of a comfort thing it may take more work and even a few sleepless nights but in the end it is worth it. Sometimes when you take something like the bink bink away a child will replace that comfort with something else. You just want to make sure it isn't something you'll have to break them from later. When my son gave his up he replaced it with a sippy cup of water and to this day my 2 year old loves water and prefers it to soda or juice so I don't think that was a bad substitute.


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