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Vanessa - posted on 04/16/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have 2 kids who have birthdays 3 days apart from each other and was wondering if i should have combined birthday parties or allow them to have there own i have a boy/girl boy;s turning 5 and the girl is turning 1 i want my kids to have there day but my partner want them to share a party has anyone got any suggestions/idea's that will make everyone happy..? also has anyone got any great idea's for parties


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Joy - posted on 04/16/2009




Maybe since it's her first birthday party, she should have her own. It's a pretty big deal.

On one hand it will be so much easier to do parties together but on the other hand it might not be safe to have a bunch of five year olds running around a bunch of babies. It might be hard to find activities to keep everybody entertained.

Stevie - posted on 04/16/2009




well its her first party i think as she gets older you could do a party together but since its her first i would do the seperatly its more special and i think it might be hard since they are not both the same sex to really make it far i mean your going to have to buy two cakes anyway so i personally would do them seperatly always unless they were alot older and wanted it themself for your son whatever he likes like batman or super man or something like that and for her she is one i dont think anything but fam but later on barbie or something brats or whatever she likes or wants

Tamara - posted on 04/16/2009




A combined birthdai is a bit better dan havin separate birthday partys and u could have the boys dress up as there favourite super heros and do the same for the girls. cause ma brother shares a brithday with 1 of my cousins and they have a combined birthday and invite their friends, so yea have a combined brithday the kids mite like it

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