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My daughter is 19 months and she has recently started biting .. Does anyone have suggestions for me to keep her from biting.. I have tried everything..


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Kristy - posted on 10/08/2009




hi, my daughter is 19months too and has just started biting as well. its so frustrating and embarassing!!! I have tried everything also and everything that you do someone tells you its thr wrong this to do. My advice is just choose on course of action and stick to it. I have workerd in childcare for many years and some kids are jsut bitters. most of the time it's not out of anger but out of frustration. I hope your daughter stops biting soon (just remember most mums have been through it too ) goodluck

Jen - posted on 10/07/2009




I also have tried everything. To be honest it's the age and I think they just have to grow out of it. The more they see other kids doing it, the more they are going to do it too. My daughter gets put in time out, we've bitten her back, we've popped her bottom, and we've said it's not nice until we are blue in the face. She will even bite herself sometimes. However, she doesn't bite out of anger. She's bites when she's not getting her way. They'll grow out of it. As long as it's not a daily occurrence I wouldn't be too concerned.

Sarah - posted on 10/07/2009




My pediatrician recommended time outs and a very very firm voice to express the urgency and potential harm in the situation...and he said if that didn't work to put a tiny bit of hot sauce on the tongue....he said there is nothing harmful in this! my son is only 12 months and a biter...he broke skin on my daughter...I tried the voice, I tried time out and they aren't working...I guess I am going to try this next time because like I said last time he broke skin and I am just thankful it was just a little and we didn't have to go to the doctors! after that I don't think it's too cruel for the hot sauce!

Tonya - posted on 10/07/2009




I know this is going to sound bad but it worked for my daughter and my son. When they bit someone I litely bit them back not too hard just enough to show them it hurt and suprise them. then I explained it too them that is why we don't bite and tell them that there are other ways to show your mad. and I only had to do it once.

Sarah - posted on 10/07/2009




most kids go through the bitting stage, not really alot you can do about it, good advise about the soft toy or blanket but they could see the soft toy as a reward just be careful to make sure she understands this is not ok

time out is a winner in these cases

Sky - posted on 10/05/2009




Tell her she can't bite people, give her a stuffed animal or blanket to bite. Tell her if she wants to bite something it needs to be that.. I do realise she is very young but she will catch on. If she bites you say no, make her stop, and give her the blankey.

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