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Hi I have a set of 20 month old twins in the last 4 months the boy has taken to biting for any reason weather he be fighting or if his sisters just happen to walk past at the wrong time. we have tried smacking his bumb and even biting him back when he bites his sister but nothing seems to stop him. Even at one point he bite himself and still it did not stop him his is really starting to leave some horrible marks on his sisters as he now has all his teeth. Please can some one tell me how they got there child to stop Biting. He even bite her her hard enough to drawn blood yesterday I really need to get him to stop biting. Someone please help


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/24/2010




How is his language skills maybe this is frustration. I know that my one son ( I had twin boys) would bite too. I suggest trying to teach him sign so he has the power of words if that is his problem. But to correct the behaviour with my son, I was consistant and told him to be gentle, and I would show him the pain that he caused his brother so he understood why not to bite. I also would remove him from the situation and tell him that I didn't want to see him while I tended to his brother. I hope that helps

Jessika - posted on 04/23/2010




my daughter is 18 months and she has started biting to show me she is angry if she is beeing naughty and i take her hand to move her she will growl at me and try and bite my hand so i let go she also bites her little friend if they are fighting over the same toy. it is really hard to try and teach her not to i have done the bite bak thing and she just laughs at me or bites herself so i have started taking her to her room and explaining that we dont bite people and i leave her in there for 1-2 minutes then make her give me or whoever she has bitten a hug and it is slowly working

Sonya - posted on 04/23/2010




To say don't bite and then bite him back sends mixed messages. Every time he bites take him straight out of the situation tell him we don't bite and time him outfor 1 or 2 minutes. Even if you need to strap him into his pram. He will soon get the hint That his behavour is unacceptable.

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