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Christine - posted on 05/03/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have a 6 month old, and i STILL haven't been able to loose any of my pregnancy weight. i wanted to breast feed for health reasons and because it was the best way to loose weight, but i couldn't. i don't eat a lot of fatty foods, soda and all that, and whenever i can, i try and go out to the mall or something to walk around for awhile, but i'm still at the same weight. i gained a lot during the pregnancy, so i thought that may be why, however, i'm not eating as much as i used to when i was pregnant.

my husband says that he thinks i'm beautiful and that he doesn't care, but he's going on a diet and he's 30 pounds smaller than me and he saying how fat he is. i'm worried if he thinks he's fat, what does he think of me???? i just want to feel able to fit into something and loose this weight! HELP!


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Kelly - posted on 05/03/2009




After I had my daughter I did breastfeed. Which no doubt took care of a lot of the weight. However, there was still weight to be dropped. I bought an exercise video called 10 minute trainer. It was a little expensive (you can find it cheaper on ebay). Each dvd exercise program is only 10 minutes (+ a 2 min warm up and cool down). When my daughter would nap I would pop in a dvd and do the 10 minutes. At first I was only doing about 5 ,minutes and eventually was able to make it through the entire thing. Most amazing wirk out I have ever done. In 3 weeks I had dropped 10 lbs. And thats without changing how I was eating! lol

Cassie - posted on 05/03/2009




The best advice I have is get active. After I had my baby, who is now 4 months, I was going throw some issues as well. I've been back to work since march and I have lost 20 more lbs and I didn't change what I was eating. Good Luck!! I know it isn't easy!!

Maritza - posted on 05/03/2009




Hey I know how you feel I went through that with my first daughter, and after 3 years I was looking great and boom I get pregnant and now I have my 2 month old daughter so I'm back to getting in shape. The most important thing is to eat lots of veggies, meat, fruits, and salads. Drink lots of water, and every time the baby naps do the basics push ups ( try to start with 8-10, then up it up every week by 5) sit ups ( do 30-40 and up it up as well each week), jumping jacks (go for a full minute if you can, if not start for a full 30 seconds and each week up it up by 10 seconds), and if you have space jump rope for atleast 2 min. Repeat this sequence 4 or 5 times, and do it atleast minimum 3 days a week. I can guaratee you will shed some pounds, do this routine for atleast one month and if you need more advice just let me know.

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