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my 3 yr old daughter doesnt understand how to blow her nose. we try showing her and covering her mouth and nothing works. its a lil frustrating because she doesnt like to have boogers but she wont blow them out. any sugestions on how to get her to blow her nose?


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Kristi - posted on 10/13/2009




thanks for all the advice! i heard of an electric nasal aspirator once, so i lokd them up on babies r us. they have 2 different ones and i read all the reviews, so i think im going to get one. 20 bucks...i will let yall know if it really works!

thanks again!

Sarah - posted on 10/12/2009




I know this might sound strange, but a friend of mine had the same problem with her son so came up wit a game to encourage him to only blow out of his nose and then when it was nose blowing time he understood what she would ask him to do. She would set up a line of mini muffins or you can use any sweet treat your child likes, even mini chocolate bars or fruit pieces and she would put those small/thin birthday cake candles in them (one each) then she would show him how to blow out the candle only blowing through her nose keeping her lips tight together and when he would successfully blow out a candle he could then have the treat the candle was in.......once he understood and was good at the game she then moved to "blowing out the candle" in the tissue and when he would get it right and he had a nice clean nose she would give him a piece of fruit/veg or candy, depending on what he responded best to that particular day! Hope this helps

Sky - posted on 10/12/2009




All you can do it keep showing her how. If it really bothering her use a bulb syringe.

Keri - posted on 10/12/2009




i know that this may sound gross to you but my son who is almost three has the same issue, so since he doesnt like to blow his nose or the boogers in it i hand him a tissue and tell him that he can get the boogers out and put them on the tissue than throw it away and of course wash his hands dont know if it will work for you but its worth a try

Jamie - posted on 10/12/2009




My daughter is 4 and just getting the hang of it. We used to use the saline drops and a booger sucker untl she learned to blow. Takes more work but better out then in.

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