Bottle-passie-potty training help plz

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Hi I'm A mother of a 2 year old boy a 3 year old girl both are still on bottles refuses sippys and my little boy still wants his passie is there any tips or any advice on breaking them my little girl was on a soppy about a week I had my mom babysit her while me and my hubby went out before we had are little boy and when we came to pick our little girl up she had her bottle back I was so upset now I do t know what to do I tryed all kinds of different sippys even told them the sippys were big kid bottles nothing is working and my 3 year old is potty training but my 2 year old is scared of the potty he will only sit for a sec or two qnd then yells I'm done they also picked up a bad word and I can't get them to stop saying it I even tryed saying say puppy or kitty wen they say the bad word it helped my little girl but my little boy thinks its funny


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For the bottles.....throw them away. Get all the bottles out of your house. If they are not in the house then there is only the sippy to drink from. THEY WILL DRINK FROM THE SIPPY WHEN THEY GET THIRSTY. TRUST ME! They may not drink much for awhile, but once they realize that the only way they are getting something to drink is from a sippy they will start to drink from it. A few days even a few weeks of drinking less is not going to hurt them. Again they will drink when they get thirsty enough. It is just like a child that holds their breath when they are mad. If you give in then they are just going to keep going with holding their breath because it gets them what they want. Why should your kids drink from the sippy when you give them what they want (the bottle). If they have no other choice but to drink from the sippy they will....but they are going to test it to see if you will give in and give them the bottle (which that is what you are doing right now).

For the passie, cut the tip of the passie off. They don't like the feel and then give it up on their own.

For the potty training....don't rush it. Boys tend to be closer to 3yrs to 4yrs old before they are trained. Praise him when he does things that are leading that way, but let him lead the way. He may not be scared of the potty, just not ready yet.

For the bad word...ignore it. Right now it has become a fun game to them. If you don't play the game it will no longer be fun and it will stop.

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