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Hi my boyfriend has a 4 year old daughter almost 5. I've always considered her my own because I've been with her for almost 3 years. For the past couple of months things have been difficult. She's been defiant and rude. I'm not sure if its because of her little brother who is 7 months old. Or the transfer between homes. She treats her mom and grandma awful saying she hates them and doesn't listen at all. When she's at our home I'm with her the most, and she's starting to not listen to me. I thought maybe she's acting out because I'm hard on her so I loosened up but then she started taking everything for advantage and got worse. I can't find an equal medium for punishment. She doesn't do this with my boyfriend who is her dad. I feel frustrated and don't want to try anymore but I can't give up on her.


MissMommyMay - posted on 05/31/2013




Do you have video capabilities? Maybe on your phone? Hide a video camera and you will have evidence of her acting out when you bring it up to her father.
It may just be a stage she is in or she may feel jealous of her brother who has stolen her lime light. My advice would be to try to be friendly but firm and consistent in whats right and whats punishable. Praise her more for good things and be blunt but less interactive when she is bad. Maybe she is just looking for attention.

Good Luck!

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