Boys are so Active!

Sheena - posted on 04/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




OMG! See me for one, I don't have any brothers or nephews. So having a boy in the house was something completely alien to me. I remember when he was born, I even asked the nurse how to clean his hinny, because I never did that for a boy.

Now he's three and as active as can be. He runs, he climbs, he gets scrapes and then pops up from it like nothing happened. It got to the point I was ready to get him tested because he was how I can put it "crazy"! I was not use to all of this because my daughter was completely different. She was calm, she ran, but she cried if she fell. I'm constantly asking people in my family is this normal? And yes it is. Where he gets all this energy from, I have no idea!

But, for all the young moms that thier sons are as "crazy" as mine, IT"S NORMAL! Boys are active, and they'll run you up a wall, especially if your a single mom like me. So, just take a deep breathe and get your blood pressure checked. But one good atribute, the perfect man us women have been looking for all of our lives, we have with our sons. You'll never feel a truer love from another man. Boys are so close to thier mothers, I pratically have to beat my son off with a stick, lol! They're perfect in everyway, it's just up to us mothers to raise them to have the upm,ost respect for women, because we are the bearers of live.

So ladies and gents, just BREATHE!


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Cathy - posted on 04/09/2009




i have 2 sons one is nearly 3 and the other is 21 months, they are constantly moving they never really sit down at all, i always call them wild the both of them,. they are always running about, falling hurting them selves but get straight back up, and when they fight they hit each other with all kinds and they just laugh even when they get hurt

Jamie - posted on 04/09/2009




Oh geez your telling me. Somedays I wonder if I can keep up, lol. My daughter jsut talks a mile a minute but has a good attention span and can sit and do something for hours, my son just wants to go go go go go.

Diane - posted on 04/09/2009




yeah boys are real active lol i have a 4 yr old and he is still all over the place, they say they start to settle down at about 10-11 so we still have a while yet lol

User - posted on 04/09/2009




My son is 11mos old and moves non-stop when he is awake. He doesn't crawl, but will scoot on his butt. He doesn't walk yet on his own, but has learned to push things along so he can walk where he wants to go. He gets into everything now, I just hate to see what he gets into when he actually learns to walk/run. He is also a very inquizitive little thing. He out smarted my husband in a "child proofing" latch in less than 2 minutes. I am just waiting to see when he gets even older to see what kind of heck he pulls after hearing stories of what my husband did as a kid...

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