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Running out of ideas on what to feed my baby boy who turned 14 months on the 05/11/2010. Any suggestions? Something easy & quick to prepare without all the junk of course! Thank you in advance :)


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Kathryn - posted on 11/17/2010




Go to they will make a full month schedule for food in seconds. I print them out and change thing around that I don't like and I will cook the fod instead of buying their meals.

Very quick and you know they are getting the correct nutrition.

September - posted on 11/16/2010




The options are endless!!! :)
For breakfast our 2 year old son enjoys scrambled eggs, french toast, waffles, turkey bacon, omelets, fresh fruit, yogurt, cold cereals like cheerios (not very often, he prefers a hot breakfast) bagel and cream cheese, whole grain jelly toast, egg scrabbles with cheese, turkey bacon and avocados (one of his favorites!)
Lunch ideas are....homemade chicken nuggets, homemade pot pies, whole roasted chicken, beans of all kinds, whole grain rice with cream sauce, mac and cheese (I usually home make my mac and cheese) couscous, fresh steamed veggies of all kinds, fresh fruit, grilled cheese and homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade casseroles, homemade soups (broccoli and cheddar chess soup is his favorite!) tofu, fresh baked fish (our son loves Salmon!) beef roast with potatoes and carrots. Dinner pretty much looks the same as lunch time. I'm always sure to offer a protein, grain, veggies, dairy and carbohydrate. Our son really enjoys fresh fruit for dessert so often times he will get fresh fruit at the end of each meal. We stay clear of processed foods and foods high in sugar. Oh and by the way...I love to cook!!! :)

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My daughter almost 5yo doesn't really eat breakfast anymore, but she loved and still does.... scrambled eggs w/a slice of cheese melted over the top (I mix my eggs w/milk) and she also loved hot dogs cut up into the eggs. French toast w/some fresh fruit. I always give her a cup or fruit w/breakfast. Pancakes w/fruit on top and also in the same of Mickey Mouse or something like that.

Lunch- When she was really young, I would buy frozen Chinese Potstickers, never made them because they take for ever to make from scratch. These were easy to cut up small enough and she loved them! I would serve them w/some white rice, which she also loves. I would also make cheeseburgers w/the cheese inside the burger, that way when they are that young they can eat it like finger foods and the cheese wont come off the top of the burger or make such a mess. W/that I would make some sort of flavored noodle, which you can buy w/veggies in already. Along w/a veggie.

Diner- I would make pork chops, skinless & boneless chicken breast grilled on the stove top or bake them w/shake and bake. My fiancee made pork chops w/shake and bake and french dressing, it was absolutely amazing! Not sure if your little guy would enjoy this, but you might :) W/that I would again make some sort of noodles and a veggie or sometimes depending on the flavor of the meat I would serve fruit w/it. I found that w/pork chops and chicken it is very easy to cut up into little/safe pieces for this age. Another dinner or even lunch favorite of mine was pot roast, doesn't take long to put together and it can cook all day long, very easily chewable for little ones and it has meat and veggies all in one. I am also a fan of casseroles! Takes about 10 mins (longer now that my daughter is helping me to cook) to put together and then bakes for about 30 mins.

There are sooo many other things I could suggest, but I will leave room for others. I can also provide you w/some recipes if that is more so of what you were looking for. :)

Don't forget to offer him a variety or foods even if you do not like them, he will not be such a picky eater then. I don't like potstickers a lot of other foods I fed my daughter, but now she will eat just about anything except she doesn't care for bread.

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