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Leona - posted on 09/19/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My baby is 9 days old now, and it seems like I am running out of milk because my breast dont feel like they are filling up like they were when my daughter was first born. Should I be concerned and what do I do so I dont dry up? I don't want to formula feed my daughter.


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Leona - posted on 09/20/2009




That is really good information to know...Thank-you Ladies for the awesome tips!!!

Carly - posted on 09/20/2009




Your breasts used to feel hard because they were over-full. Your body was still working out how much your baby needed, so it was producing as much as it could, just in case. Now your body and your baby are getting in-synch and your breasts are producing just the right amount to meet your daughter's needs. That is the beauty of the supply and demand system of breastfeeding. Don't think of your breasts as being like bottles that have to be "full" before you start feeding. Another great thing about breasts is that they keep making milk while your daughter is actually feeding. Don't worry about "drying up". Just keep feeding your baby when she wants it and everything will be fine. Good luck! :-)

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As long as your baby seems full after a feed and has a normal about of wet and dirty nappies there is nothing to worry about. Your breasts will soften and not be has hard around the 9 -12 day mark.

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I was losing my milk when my daughter was around 5 & 1/2 months and my ob-gyn gave me Reglan. It helped me keep my milk, but if you do use this one of the side effects is depression. Like the others said if your little one is having diapers then I wouldn't be to concerned. If she seems to be getting full then you have plenty of milk, because your body makes what she eats. I wish you the best of luck.

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I dont think you need to worry(I had that with my daughter and am tandem feeding them,and trust me my breasts hardly ever feel full,but they seem happy).As Jenifer said,if you daughter is having plenty of wet and dirty nappies I wouldnt worry too much.Juts make sure your drinking and eating quite a bit if your worried.The La Leche League would probably have some great information

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No, it is okay if you're not feeling full - you won't always feel that. The best thing to do to make sure your supply stays up is to keep putting baby to the breast. Make sure you're drinking lots of water as well. As long as baby is producing the right number of wet/dirty diapers, you're doing just fine. You can also pump between feedings if you want, but that isn't really necessary. Here's a great website for breastfeeding information:

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