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hi, my baby girl is 4 weeks n she started recently to breastfeed all the tym she awakes n she dont want me to put her down. she only breastfeed for like 15 min then she falls asleep n when i put her down she wakes up this can go on the whole day, m getting really tired n can not do anything else pliz help


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Araceli - posted on 01/29/2014




Hi, I have a 6 weeker bby. I was having the same issue as you, I will feed him & he will fall asleep & as soon as I put him down he will cry & would want to nurse again. Good thing is that I found a solution!! I will leave him on a onesie b/c being warm & comfty will make him fall asleep faster. I will check that w didn't have a dirty diaper! Will nurse him for 20 minutes, once he was done I would burp him,(even of it took me 10 minutes to burp him I will do so) then I would nurse him again for another 20 minutes! Burp him after, swaddle him & let him fall asleep on his own(after week fed he will fall asleep) you need to train your baby(your routine) not your baby training you :( good luck!! & please don't let this issue stop breastfeeding!

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