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i am going to have my third child in Jan by c-section. i had a c-section with my second and the nurse gave my son a bottle within the first hospital, after that he did not want the boob no matter how hard i tried. i really want to breastfeed this time and was wandering if anyone knows of a reason why i can't breastfeed within the first hour or so?


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Becky - posted on 08/23/2009




THANK YOU all so much for the support.. i had a real hard time with it last time due to everything that had happened that day. I will be sure to let everyone know what i want including friends and family who are present just in case.. it really upset me that i didn't get to with my son. but i will make sure to get that this time... thanks again

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Make sure you have them put it in your chart in BIG BOLD letters not to bottlefeed unless medically necessary. Even then they don't have to feed with a bottle. Its called cup feeding with a medicine cup. I've done it with 3 of my 4 children. I haven't had a c-section but the nurses are required to go along with your wishes unless it hinders the child/patients care. In the case of breastfeeding it would not. Breastfed is Best fed and the nurses should know that. Talk to you dr before hand and explain your feelings and wishes to him. Best of luck and congrats on the new one!!

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my hospital was all for breastfeeding. i had a c-section and i actually couldn'y/didnt want to breastfeed right away. i had a reaction to the stuff they gave me. i supplemented at the hospital and when we got home i started to breadfeed and he had no problem. and we are now going on a year. just keep telling everyone and anyone what your feelings are. cant you get him to latch as they are sowing you back up?

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Both my kids were born by c-section and I breast fed both of them! It was a little hard getting my 2nd to latch properly, but once I changed the position I held her in I had no more problems!
Tell your doc at every visit that the baby is not to be supplemented what so ever. More than likely you will be in the recovery room for at least an hour, depending on where you are. Before you go into the surgery, make sure you tell the nurses that the baby is not to be supplemented, and tell them again when they take the baby to the nursery!
I was very lucky to have my kids in hospitals where the staff very strongly believed in breast feeding!

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I think that if everything goes ok, you should be able to bf around an hour or so after birth. Just make sure that you keep asking about doing it, and eventually they should give in! I had my bg 6 weeks early, and she was on a vent, but it is possible to get them on the booby! I used a nipple shield and then once she would latch, I would quickly pull it off. It took a lot of work, but finally we got her on! Now, she breastfeeds fairly well....sometimes she still wants a bottle though :(

Robin - posted on 08/23/2009




I dont know but the same thing happened with my first, (C Section) and after they gave him a bottle he WOULD NOT take to me at all, but I also had some complications because I am inverted and I am now due in march with no 2 and desperately want to breast feed, so I have the same question!

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