Breastfeeding stress

Gemma - posted on 03/03/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Breastfeeding my lil boy and thinking i have made a bad choice for my ow. Health and well being as no one else can comfort him when he crys and its not coz he is hungry as a put him on the nipple and he sucks for a second and then just holds it and goes to sleep which means i cannot get a break i have tried dummys and there not working as he just spits it out he has sucked it for a fee mins but that is all help stressed as my poor boobs need a rest lol x


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Liz - posted on 03/03/2013




You are letting him use YOU as the pacifier, so why would he want a fake one? I babysat children who would only go to sleep if they were nursed, and of course I couldn't nurse them! It is very frustrating for the person who has to try to take care of a child that can't be calmed any other way. How old is your son? I would try different ways of comforting him. Rock him, bounce him, pat his back, keep trying the pacifier. Ultimately, it will help you out if you can find another way to comfort him/put him to sleep. But, even if you can't find another way, this won't last forever :)

Kimberly - posted on 03/03/2013




even if you weren't breastfeeding you would probably still find that you are the only one who can settle him, unfortunately it's a mum thing. My daughter is 21mths old and still only wants me most of the time and yes it does get a little exhausting. The only thing I can suggest and yes it will be hard at first is to try not to give in to him. What I did with my daughter was let her cry for a couple of minutes first and then give in, but the next time round I would let her go a little bit longer and so on. It is really hard to not give in because at the time it seems easier because well you just want sleep. However, if you can persist it will pay off in the end. Persistance and consitency I find are the key. Hope this helps

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