Broken tail bone from giving birth?

Dana - posted on 04/01/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Its been a over a year since i gave birth to my daughter. She is 16 months now. When i delivered her vaginal no one told me that i had broken my tail bone! I never knew that you could even do that! I have talked to lots of other moms and even lots of nurses. Some say its common and others say that they have never heard of it. Anyway it still bothers me and it really hinders me from getting back in shape. Just wondering if any other women have gone threw the same pain as me! the first 6 months or longer was terrible. I still cant sit for very long and i cannot sit on hard surfaces. I cannot lay on the floor or even sit on the floor.


Carla - posted on 05/26/2010




I have had exactly the same problem. My daughter weighed 9lb 14oz and was lodged should i say for quite some time...which I think caused this. I went to the docs a few months after the birth to be told it would improve in time, basically my coccyx has expanded sooo much to let baby through...times a great healer!.....However, my daughter is now nearly 20 months old. It is better but still hurts if sit of hard surface or sit upright on chiar for too long. I went docs other day and been given some strong ibruprofen to take for a month, if it doensnt improve have been told will see a specilaist who can either inject it, or mainipulate it (which i think is a finger up il be going with the injection!)
What made the whole thing worse to start with was I was 12 days over due, had piles which got 1000 times worse with all the pushing!!lol I couldn't move at all for the pain down there!!terrible! Men dont realise how lucky they are!!

Shannon - posted on 05/25/2010




Yes the pain is excruciating. Right after I delivered my son I could hardly get out of bed. Had to have my husband help me walk across the floor bc of the pain was terrible. The nurses tried to give me pain meds but it didnt seem to help. They all told me that it was just joints loose from delivery and that they would go back to normal shortly. Well three months after his birth I could still hardly walk or sit. The drs told me the same thing. The pain finally subsided for a little while when I wouldnt sit for a long time or lay a certain way. Im now pregnant again and the pain is non stop it seems. My ob finally told me that its either a dislocated or fractured tailbone. Unfortunately they cant find out how bad it is since I cant get an exam since pregnant. The dr did inform me that it normally gets worse as you have more I guess hopefully some day it will heal itself or can get fixed. I understand the pain you are going through though.

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Krystal - posted on 09/29/2013




This was started a while ago, but my oldest will be 9 in a few months and i broke my tailbone when i was in labor with him. To this day it still hurts when i sit on hard surfaces too long or walk in those "shape ups" Ive heard its the muscle that was stretched from having your tailbone moved that is where the pain is from. Its a lifetime pain....

Nicole - posted on 05/26/2010




That sounds horrible. I din't know that happened during labor. I'm soo glad that did't happen to me. I'm sorry you're both in so much pain. I hope it gets better.

Dianne - posted on 05/25/2010




just curious ladies but did you give birth on your back? or other position

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